How the RN has changed

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by canteenflat, Jan 23, 2011.

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  1. Early mentions of HMS Charybdis referred to her sailors calling her, affectionately " Crabby Dish"

    When it came to the relatively modern Leander--Her sailors called her "Cherry B"
  2. Only because Cherry B hadn't been invented when the old cruiser was around!

  3. Cherry Brandy ( KirschWasser
    ) was around before the Dutch sailors got their courage)
  4. 2BM

    If you scroll down to Cherry B and click the little arrow, you can hear one of the old jingles:

  5. Cherry B..... the 'brand'.... is what 2bm was referring to..... (I assume)
  6. He was, but Cherry B like Babycham are big girls versions of the real thing.
  7. On the subject of Leanders, now that we have lady sailors.................I wonder how they'd feel being drafted/shafted to the Dido. !
  8. On reflection, in the morning, a trifle Scylla
  9. All the ladies would want Penelope
  10. You just can't be Sirius
  11. Very good ones, but the name was Crabby DICK!
  12. But you're using a literal translation from Dictionnaire etymologiqe de la langue grecque , I suggest
  13. You're Norman GranXXXX and I claim my fiver.

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