How stupid can he be?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by dixie_gooner, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. At first, I thought he was just young and foolish.

    But it turns out he is an utter clown.>
  2. Can't seem to get that link to work Dixie.
  3. Copy that stoker, had problems myself dixie? x
  4. Link is just coming up as an almost blank page with Plymouth Hearld header. I'm assuming that it relates to his party photos ... ? If it is, well it just adds to the embarassment. First his bloody iPod and now his mates with blindfolds and toy guns. Not sure he should be allowed out on his own anymore.

    All this just goes to prove that when you sell your story to the media you effectively sell your soul too. They might do a nice piece initially but always seem to turn on the person later and do additional stories which are designed to tear them apart.

    Sad to say but I would be very surprised if either Batchelor or Turney are able to stomach the banter they get when they return onboard. It is likely that they will submit notice idc and then try to claim constructive dismissal and compo later on. Then we'll have another series of articles which will suggest that the RN is rife with institutional bullying, etc.

  5. Link didn't work for me either, had to do a search to find it. Jist of it is below:

    On Friday April 13 the HMS Cornwall sailor visited Jester's in Union Street with friends and was photographed with a towel wrapped around his head -pretending it was a blindfold. In another picture he was pictured with a toy gun pressed up against his throat. After the pictures came to light, Mr Batchelor, from Ernesettle, told The Herald: "It was my first night back in Jesters. The DJ welcomed me back. "The photos were just of me and one of the guys having a giggle. Just having a laugh."

    Excellent comment left by someone:
    Your Views
    'the guy clubs in jesters....there's better nightclubs in iran'
    from: mike hunt, smellsbad
  6. Pusser is going to ask him questions now!!! Stable door and bolt spring to mind.

    Who let this immature lad out without a Sea Dad or a leash?????

  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I have defended and attacked this pr1ck, I have made many comments on the fact he's a young lad only 20 years old.

    Well, a friend of mine's 20 year old son was shot and killed in Basra earlier this week and this fcukwit Batchelor is the same age. I dont see much media interest in that or his mates holding plastic guns to their heads. It's no wonder the Army and the rest of the world laughs at the Navy when this t0sser acts as he does. He is a fcuking disgrace to himself, his fellow service personell and everyone who has trod the path before him. The sooner he disapears of the radar screen the better.

    I just hope his senior...or contempory rates on HMS Cornwall point out the error of his ways to him.

    rant over.
  8. Don't tell me they gave this clown a hook?!

    The most stupid man in 10 Navies / this side of Nagasaki...
  9. We had "chapter & verse" on this plonker last weekend - a grade A f*ckwit the sooner he is out of the way the better.
  10. Not to defend the muppet (and his muppet mess mates - don't even get me started on his PO), but the media doesn't exactly help. The real story is the one of the guy in Iraq, doing his duty and getting killed for it. Jack always has and always will make a prat of himself in Jesters, Rixys, Joanas or whichever sticky-floored, flea infested meat market that happens to be nearby. This story is really akin to "Dog Bites Man", except that this dog is more prone to crying than the others.

    That said, I repeat that his mess mates are not exactly blameless either.

  12. He can't be a killick though surely?
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    fcuk up and get promoted...happened to comrade becket after she fcuked defra up...... 8O
  14. He hasn't been promoted. Look at the first comment (at the bottom)
  15. WB, I'm sorry about your friend's son, however IMO your anger should be directed at the media not at Batchelor. Deaths of service personnel in the Middle East are now so "routine" that the media have lost interest - as they did ages ago with the enormous number of civilian casualties in Iraq. The news about Batchelor's behaviour in Jesters is now old hat and should be forgotten. It is nothing more, as others here have pointed out, than his way of coping with the experience he has been through - and also sour grapes by those newspapers to whom he didn't sell his story. The idiots of allowed them to speak to the media in the first place are ultimately responsible for this debacle, and it is they who should be Reprimanded. They are also responsible for shifting the heat away from the Government, which is where all your bile should be directed.
  16. A ship is in many respects like a village. Every village has its Idiot. In this case I think we may well have discovered HMS Corwalls.
  17. And what does that make Gurney, er, Turney?
  18. That's shocking mate, really sorry to hear that. I mean, we know people are dying and it's terrible, but to hear it was the son of your friend... sort of brings it home.

    I'm with AAC. This is going to continue to happen until we get a government who can support the troops and make decisions for itself.
  19. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I agree they were stitched up by the Govt and the media, however none of that can be used as an excuse for his conduct and for what he said in his paper interview..."they nicked me i pod, flicked me neck and called me Mr I cried...then faye gave me one of her special mummy hugs"....FFS you cant blame the govt for saying that shite can you?

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