how snaggy are you?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by full_of_enthusiasm, Mar 29, 2008.

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  3. am so snaggy there isn't a measure for me

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  1. whilst mobilised i met some pretty unusual individuals who did some pretty snaggy things: things involving toothbrushes and the like what is the most snaggy thing you have ever done and did you feel any remorse? please do not mention any names or exact locations to protect the innocent/guilty.
  2. not me. and was a full timer but this takes some doing.

    i know a guy who shagged a tramp on nelsons coloum. didnt bag up and went down on her.
  3. I once had to curl one down in a shower at a caravan park in the Lake District. I do not think this was uncalled for as the traps were full and I had a tortoises head. The worst bit was definitely the apres shit. Have you ever tried pushing one of those through the small drain wtih your toes. It fair maks yeh boak !
  4. At Collingrad in BE (74) in the old brick messes at the farthest left end from the gate the heads block had in the 2/3 nearest traps spin driers instead of bogs. One night ***came back on board crappers (if you`ll parden the pun)and had one in the nearest trap/spin drier and ran it. By the morning it stank and it wasnt long before the beastings started to find out the guilty party. :pottytrain5:
  5. Me not snaggy. But.

    The "Automat" HMS NEPTUNE. There, sitting forlornly in
    the machine, was the last Mince and Onion Pie...ever.
    It's like midnight and ********** shoves money in the
    machine, gets pie, rips pastry lid off and scoops out the
    pathetic excuse for meat contained therein. THEN he
    adjourns to a far corner - drops kecks and re-fills said
    savoury delicacy with....well.....y'know. He then puts
    pastry lid back on, wraps the thing back up and puts
    it back into the machine. Along bimbles a Hank Marvin
    drunkard on his way back to the mess, and he espies
    "Free" Pie - just waiting to be liberated from the door
    of the machine.
    "A Free Pie! A Free Pie!", cries the miserable unfortunate.
    I am praying to God/Buddah/Allah/Jehovah/Satan, that he
    is not going to yomp it in the Automat.

    He did.

    So, whoever you are, wherever you are. If you were that
    poor soul who bit into a pie full of poo....I offer my most
    sincere apologies.
  6. you snaggy individual i like it the dit not the pie.
  7. True dit I remember it well. :thumright:
    Billy I believe we may know each other!!!

  8. was the pie nice?
  9. PMSL - wife says I'm giggling like a baby !! :thumright:
  10. I think i know the guys you were mobilised with and the toothbrush story.

    From what i've heard the tw*t deserved it. I haven't trusted the buggers since they told me the story though.
  11. You decide:-

    The Great "Scotch-Pie-Full-Of-Poop" - was one of these:-
    (and I wouldn't feed one to a rabid dog, let alone a human being)

  12. 18/10 Billy - have been laughing like a drain since 2000, and Herr Indoors is severely PO'd cos I can't stop laughing long enough to tell her why !!!!
  13. I can confirm for the benefit of Trehorn2 that the infamous 'toothbrush incident' did indeed take place. I walked into the mess during the ritual to be confronted by a naked arse bent over a bunk (possibly not the first time in the history of the navy it's true), however i wouldn't have believed it of those involved (not f*cking much!), due to them being fine upstanding members of the community.

    The said toothbrush was then ran around the rim of a VERY skanky heads for good measure by another well respected decorated veteran.

    Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you. :toilet: :pukel:
  14. Once convinced a mate's new, and rather timid girlfriend, that my mate was well into the whole "Golden Showers" scene, but he was too shy to mention it to her. Told her that if she REALLy liked him and wanted to please him then don't say anything, just go ahead and do it, because it would really turn him on. Needless to say I received a telephone call late the following evening from an irate mate saying "WHAT THE F*** HAVE YOU BEEN TELLING MY GIRLFRIEND?!??!"
    Priceless! :toilet:
  15. If you want some cheap laughs guys, check out

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