How should we 'off' Victor_G

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jenny_Dabber, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. We all know by now, the ever infamous Victor_G.

    But how would you like to see the walt killed?

    Answer on a postcard and posted here................

    Ta folks xx
  2. Very slowly
  3. A paper cut for each bullshit post he's made. Should prove fatal.
  4. Why not just simply tell the truth then we could all go home?

  5. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Give me the top job on RR :whax:
  6. Our good man Nails will surely do.
    He must challenge V---- g to handbags at dawn
  7. The quickest and easiest way to "Off" Victor the shit is to ignore all further postings from him.
  8. Where is Nails when we need him? :p
  9. Very true slim but a Tazer in the bollocks at close quarters would be more fun!!! :twisted: :evil:
  10. Very strange folks, is it not? The very ones under suspicion advocate silence of what I have to say.

    Speaks volumes does it not?
  11. But you seem to forget that he has done the Short Arms Course and his short arm will be well protected.
    He did mention that he once hit someone with a stool.
    Now would that be the type of stool that we generally call a Turd?
    It's my belief that he is a well known Turd burgler and shit flinger.
  12. Staked out naked on a hot summers day with jam applied to his nether regions. Then unleash a wasps nest next to him, sit back and enjoy the fun. :)
  13. Withhold his medication for a week, then watch him leap from a tall building when the voices in his head get too much to bear.
  14. When Montigne Le Palisse has finished his trials with the Officer´s Dog, maybe he could try Old Vic?
  15. Put an announcement of his forthcoming marriage to David Icke in the Times or Guardian.
  16. Sell his life story to the SUN - nothing like TOTAL outing.
  17. Tie him to th back of that mini cooper I won earlier from you (£6k on its way!! - I wish...) and I'll drive round the block a few times, find all the potholes (very easy where we live) and over a few frozen bumby fields, that should do the trick!
  18. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Remind everyone that he posts from Manchester, not Köln and let Pricktor do the honourable thing with the Mess Webley,

    only he isn't a member of any Mess so no access to life changing firearms and military tradition. Bridge and rusty wire ( or thick mud ) then Pricktor.....

  19. Manchester!!! God thats enough to turn anyone a bit loopy!!! 8O
  20. Sat naked on a chair out at sea on the casing, hands tied behind with pull ties, feet in a bucket of freezing water. Sit back, watch and laugh.
    He will also tell the truth whilst he's sat there too! :twisted:

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