How Secure Is Your Password?

This site could be stealing your password... it's not, but it easily could be. Be careful where you type your password.
Hang on, haven't you essentially managed to get a load of forum users to enter their passwords in to a site that has zero security settings and which we can't really be sure isn't collecting them along with our IP addresses?

Edit - Ah, I see Wrecker already made that point!


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I am just waiting for that nice Nigerian gentleman to put loads of money in my account, which he said he would do once I had given him my details and password. How generous is that? Mind you, it has been a few weeks........


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If I may.

Use a password manager, I use and recommend Last Pass (pay the yearly subscription for smartphone use). I have one strong password to get the browser extension to work and from that I get automatic loggins. I don't know any of my passwords and as a minimum they are 32 characters long with special and uppercase etc.

Another important one is having different usernames. For low key sites with no personal data on them get a random Outlook or Gmail account and use that. Never use the email for anything other than logging in and the newsletters. Then is any of the sites are compromised you are using a different username (and password if you use a password manager) so hacking the important stuff is harder. The crims look to hack a low security website in the hope that you used the same username and password for your email Once they access your email then they can start re-setting your other passwords.

Certain sites will also allow two factor authentication - most of the big email providers, Linkdin and such like. Use it to prevent people hijacking your accounts.

Basic rules:

1. Use different password for each account (use a password manager to do this)
2. Try and mix up usernames - never use you main email account for what seem low security sites. GMail and Outlook allow alias accounts so use them.
3. Change your passwords if the site you are on has a data breach.
4. Change your passwords. Main sites every six months, others yearly.
5. They will aim to hack the low hanging fruit first to get your username and password. Then they go after the important stuff.
6. If you give someone your email log in you deserve everything that happens.

Finally do ask, I and a few others on this site are geeks and happy to help people out with cyber security.
Apart from making up words to see what happens, bit of a pointless exercise really, you still wouldn't know how secure your password is..

Ha - I thought of that, being a sneaky scrote, so I put a non password but in the same format in (mixture of Upper/lower case and numbers - thank you for asking!). If it wants to steal that and link it to my account it can fill it's steamies!
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a good tip for a strong password is to take a regular password and use it for all sites but to add a couple of letters for each site

so twitter might be seamentw, and this might be seamennn

makes them all different but easy to remember

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