How sea-going does a FAA pilot applicant really need to be?


Having visited the AFCO and collected all the publications on Flying Navy I have just realised that my knowledge of sea related information is non-existant compared to my interest in the Army/RAF. I dont sail or know the first thing about maritime things, so would Flying Navy be an unwise move for me?

Re: How sea-going does a FAA pilot applicant really need to

Surely not?
You are attempting to become a pilot, yes in the Navy, but anything you need to know will be taught... The Navy don't need you to know everything on application. They will just be wanting to make sure that you have the aptitude to learn, understand, and apply everything that you need to know to perform your duties. Yes, flying in the Navy will be a different ball game compared to AAC/RAF but it's unlikely that you'll be considered unfit to fly in the Navy because you don't know the difference between your knots!
Yes you are expected to learn a certain amount prior to AIB etc, but that is to demonstrate your enthusiasm for being in the Navy. As far as I understand applications into the forces are generally ab initio.


Re: How sea-going does a FAA pilot applicant really need to

Sam, there are some AIB related threads on this site. I've not read them as they don't apply to me but crack on there. In terms of what you may want to know;

Be aware of what the RN's global commitments are, which ships we operate, where they are currently active, current press exposure, future projects, issues and problems in the RN, the RN's capability, above all if you are asked a question have an independent (i.e. your own) opinion.

If you have anymore questions post them, or PM me but my knowledge is limited. So post first. :thumright:


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In todays operations you could be working anywhere from from a frigate/carrier/RFA, to the sand of hot and sunny places getting shot at by mad abdulla. So plenty of variation of life.

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