How safe is your area. Home office crime statitics.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 11, 2007.

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  1. Hmmm… Pompey is right up there with Newham and other 3rd world parts of London on those stats…
  2. Yep,

    Gosport higher than the average in most categories. No surprise there. I'd love to see the figures for Rowner alone.

    Gosport is very high for criminal damage and violent crimes against the person, although most of that is probably at the Gosport Ferry taxi rank on Fri and Sat nights.
  3. Take a look at the page a couple of sheets down with regards to the North East.
    Says a lot really.
    Hence why i wont invest in a car whilst im living up here for some smak head to pinch my pride and joy, wont give them the satisfaction.

    Thank god im going back home after ive finished uni!!!!!
  4. Chrystal
    You had one of the finest coppers in the world, running Teeside until the PC brigade got rid of him.
  5. Nothing could improve this dump. I HATE it up here with a passion and my uni course cant finish quick enough. When i first moved up here it was really nice, people were friendly and then it pretty rapidly went down hill from there!
    I.e. the first thing i experienced was when i was stood out my front a couple of days after id brought my house (in a nice private estate) to see a man running off down the road with 2 trees/shrubs under his arms being chased by another man shouting "oi you smak head come back here with my plants!" Then i thought "Oh Sh1t!! What have i got myself into now!

    Its just a shame that Middlesbrough is the way it is as the educational aspect is fantastic, and has so much to offer (more so then many other cities!), yet no one up here wants to do anything with their lives i.e better themselves and get a career (apart from the minority that saw the light!)
    The in thing for people up here to do is knock out kids like its going out of fashion preferably to different fathers, pinch things that dont belong to them and mince round the streets like chavs.
    The only thing fit for this place is a nuclear atomic bomb!

    Everything ive ever owned up here has been pinched from me. I.e. if its not bolted down it goes (and im not a careless person who leaves things loafing either!)

    Plus no one has manners up here (yes they are friendly) but have you seen how the kids talk to adults or more to the point their parents!
  6. Chrystal
    There are many areas like Middlesborough. The problem is the Welfare state.
    So long as people are rewarded for knocking out kids and not going to work these problems will exist.

    Time for a complete overhaul of the system.
  8. The problem with the welfare system is people are being given things without having to work to pay for them. This means that these items have no value to them. So if something is lost or broken and welfare won't replace it, they go out and steal it. Problem is those who have had to work for the same items do value them and get upset when they are lost or stolen from them.
  9. Aussie
    We are all entitled to an opinion, even me. I don't ask that you agree with it, in fact disagreeing is possibly a better option, however I do prefer a logical arguement to an illogical one.
    Wokingham is a good place to live and not one that I will be leaving too quickly. When deciding where to live it's best to do some homework. If you wish you can check for Carmarthenshire. I have a bungalow there, Crime statistics, about the same as Wokingham.
  10. North Wales seems good only 18 crimes per 1000 people. Perhaps the Chief Constable should be moved to Merseyside where thay have 31 crimes per 1000 people obviously they are getting it well wrong.

  11. What have have the people of Merseyside complaining that he is too tough :)

    Perhaps he is so tough that the Welsh villains are driving to Merseyside to commit their crimes 8O
  12. God that took all of 12 minutes Slim???
    Your losing your touch mate!
    I am proud to have being brought up in NZ & OZ, and no doubt will end up back there. I am proud where I'm from Slim, and I'm proud to be an adopted Yorkshire-person (ahh that's NW by the way?). Surprise, surprise, I would guess that everybody on RR is proud of where their roots are, despite what YOU think!
    I personally won't be adding to YOUR thread any further. Try current affairs, quarter deck sometime Slim, you never know what might happen...??
  13. Aussie, you can't go back before you show us your Shackle marks. :)
  14. Gotta agree with Slim on this one the guy was an old school copper with good values.

  15. Aussiepint, I'm at a complete loss as to why you've got a toot-on with Slim over this! Is it because he is happy and content and lucky to be living in a fairly crime free area? Surely you're not jealous or envious are you?

    I live in Nottingham and what was once a great place to live is now, IMHO, a dump.

    Wherever I decide to move to next I will do my research into the area and that will include the crime statistics. The link Slim has provided may prove very useful. Cheers Slim.
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  17. Its not so much where I live. Its because of my rather strong views on the Scouse tribe that has upset Aussie :)

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