how really old is nutty ????

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by babystew, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. Gosh, did they have cameras that long ago.

    I think he is older than Jesus.
  2. Well if you can get either link to work then post it...

    We're not talking Dreadnoughts are we? :salut: =)

  3. I thought he was his Sea Daddy
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    Try this you sad bar stewards:


    Now just cos they used my picture does not mean any more than they used a picture they thought was appropiate for the book.

    OK I was the messman at the Last Supper

    Luv and Hugs

    Nutty SOB (Official)

  5. WOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was part of the Job Description.

  6. Nah! It was the Turtle he was in (a one man band)
  7. I keep telling yoooos lot my first boat was "T boat"

  8. The Hunley was built around about 1861. In 1580 William Bourne sketched a design for a submarine, although there is no proof that it was actually built.
    In 1623 a submarine, built buy Cornelius Drebel, made a submerged journey down the River Thames.

  9. Blimey!! The bloke in that link looks just like the bloke in your avatar!! :w00t:
  10. Wot somebody nicked Nutty's Avatar! Typical there's never a copper around when you need one. :thumright:
  11. Nutty's not that old, but he was a 3 badger when Noah was a pt.4.....
  12. Bumper to keep the suggestions flowing in.
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    I thought I was resurrect this thread to allow you all to talk about me while I am away.

    I am off to Benidorm in the morn for a three day visit and the South East Spain Submariners Reunion. Tot Time is 1pm Saturday 1st November 2008 at the Palm Beach Hotel, Levante, Benidorm (Woods will be served) if you are in the area.

  14. All right I'll throw in my sixpence worth.

    I'd say old enough to know better, young enough to try. ^~
  15. There is absolutely no fun in talking about you if you are not there.

    ps Give my love to benidorm, used to pass by on my way to Calpe a little further north.
  16. Is that the scenic part of Benidorm you see from the submarine caves or the beautifully-challenged part? :bball:

    Enjoy your tot. Hope Mrs Nutty doesn't get too inebriated after her pint of rum? :thumright:

    As everyone ought to know the first boat was designed by God. In those far off environmentally friendly days He had the foresight to design and construct an organic vessel whose engine ran very quietly though it did (& still does) have its own very distinct sonic signature. Its fuel like its exhaust products were ecosustainable.

    God created the Submarine to patrol His Seas and assist His Chief Regulator, King Neptune, to maintain good order and naval discipline in all the salt water domains on Earth.

    Nutty in the Days of Yore was better known by his Biblical name, Jonah. Jonah Head joined the Heavenly Navy known as the Heavenly Marines and quickly rose throught the ranks to become Able Seaman Jonah. In those days the ranking system in the Heavenly Marines (HM) was very flat comprising four ranks:

    Marine (Mne) - a crawling sailor not yet able to walk - nozzer
    Boy Seaman (BS) - a former Marine, now able to walk - trainee sailor
    Able Seaman (AS) - trained sailor
    Disabled Seaman (DS) - sailor past his 'use by' date

    One fine day AB Jonah Head was securing his boat after tot time when God plucked him from his boat and put him in-charge of His first submarine: HMS/m Hval*. This vessel patrolled the Norwegian fjords carrying out the arduous and never ending task of hunting down and killing Seatrolls (Trollus normanus). Jonah was given a shipmate, BS Maxi who couldn't stop giggling when he spotted that Jonah's Muffler, which were worn both round the neck and as a lid to keep sailors' ears warm, had J.HEAD sewn on the end on red chain stitch. The cheeky lad nicknamed Jonah "Nutty". God however left this out of the Bible as he thought it mightly cheeky for a junior to show such disrespect to his superior.

    That is how Nutty came to be the First Submariner.

    *Hval is Norwegian for Whale.
  17. I tried to find some phots from BC era but all I got was this...

    Search Results ...

    Sorry, nothing matches your search

    Please try again

    :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

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