How quick can I get in the Navy?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by UK_22, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. I need to get away from civvie street fast, and get out of the country and see the world.

    There's no doubting my commitment for a career within the RN, I would just like to know the waiting times from application to training start date for both Ratings and Officers.

    Does it take longer for Potential Officers to get in or Ratings?

    I know all this sounds 'bone' but I am fed up to the teeth with my work at the minute and seriously looking at RN. Just wondered if anyone has any good info about this? I'm going to head down to the AFCO as well, just want your opinion.

    Thank you.
  2. Send me a briefcase with 5000 crisp £50 notes and mum's the word. You'll never see me or your money again. I'll send you a brochure for the RN though... :wink: :grin:
  3. i would say as a rating between 6 months and a year is about right.
    as an officer i dont have a clue.
  4. Pop down to HMS Nelson knock on the front door and see if the nice man can help you out.
  5. By that time Danny--probably no sea going drafts left !!
  6. 5 secs if you **** ur way in.
  7. Chico, naughty corner, NOW!!!!

  8. Go to old Portsmouth get pissed in the bar area and you will probably wake up on board a ship as a landlubber, oops sorry that was years ago. Best visit your recruiting office instead.
  9. **** ur way in its quicky
  10. Pop yerself over the oggin to France and join the Legion sunbeam, you'll be in quick as a couple of days :D
  11. that depends on the branch for the branch i want it is going to take 13 months just get down to your careers office and ask
  12. It took me 6 months, and that was cos they were waiting for me to leave school, if they want you, not long!
  13. Why do you need to get out of the Country fast?
    Just go to the recruiting office and tell them you`re a Gay Muslim.
    Your feet wont touch the ground.
  14. :lol:
    Surely a dyslexic lesbian muslim? :wink:
  15. I'm not in yet, but for what my opinion's worth I'd say that you're better off looking at what specialisation you actually want to do rather than what will get you in the quickest. You're committing yourself for at least 4 years, better to make sure it's something you enjoy.

    I've got to wait over 2 years to get in to do what I want, I'd love to be able to get started quicker but I think it's worth the wait.

    There's always the RNR in the meantime.
  16. If you need to get out of the countyr quck consider the army.
    they can probably have you on a plane to the big sandbox by next monday :)
  17. Your not alone, most officers don't have a clue!
  18. If you apply into the Submarine service it seems to be much faster :)
  19. hi
    from putting my appication in wantting to be an AET to getting my dates it has taken me 7 months and my basic training is in june, so in all about 10-11 months.
    hope this helps
  20. Thats not what i ment but i do have to agree in the large part they dont.

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