How prison inmates were paid £17m in benefits by mistake


All the information you would ever need to know

If you have six wives then you can claim six times the tax credits Though not if you are British, It is known as bigamy if you are BRITISH and you will go to jail

If you are imprisoned then your partner can keep claiming the full working tax that you are claiming as it is not her fault you are imprisoned is it

If you are British then you pay for the call to the tax credits

IF you need an intepretor then WE will pay for the call and the interpretor at £100 per hour, just to make sure you do not miss out on a benefit because you are not fully aware of the language

I deal with this crap every day

10:00 Take call from eighty yearold British person, who was advised in 1960 to put their savings off shore (Usually around £2k for a rainy day and to pay for their funeral) Administer fine all interest plus 10% providing they registered pre June 07 if not then fine all interest plus 100%
Thank you have a nice day

10:06 Take call from Latvian
May I av intepetor psee very much thanks , I no good at the Enlish
Kerching £100 This is your interpretor how may I help

I am in country and give flat, but can not pay my wife and seven children are back at home very poor thrre ov my chilren are disabled
Oh thank you SIR I have arranged for you to get £76 a week working tax and £387 per week for your children, do not forget to claim your child benefit 0845 321 14444 and ask for an interpretor that will give you an additional £18.40 for first child and £11:50 each for the other six SIR

If you go to your local office SIR they will give you a £50 emergency payment SIR until we get your cash paid into your COUTTS bank account SIR
Have a nice day SIR , and please contact us as soon as you have another disabled child SIR so we can give you another £80 per week SIR
Do not forget to get the free call and interpretor SIR

Jack McHammocklashing
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