How Old Were You or How Old Will You Be When You Join?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by creddly, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. I was going to turn this into a poll, but there were too many options.

    So just a simple age answer - I don't want to go into why you were that age or hear the stories behind joining.

    Just answer by putting in the age you were when you Joined the Royal Navy or the age you WILL be when you are to join.

    You must have had acceptance to put down the age you will be (Like SnapDragon bless her) not what you estimate.

    To make it clear I'll give you an example.

  2. Good, keep em' coming. This is going to be made into a comparative Column Chart using Microsoft Excel.

    But I need many more answers before I can do that.
  3. 18 (or to be truthful I only had 4 real birthdays) Technically I was 4 1/2 beat that age :lol:
  4. Sweeney, my good man, you may have a mental age of 16, but come on be honest how old are you ????? :grin:
  5. Ruggerbob, no talk :evil: just give your honest answer of how old you were when you joined! - This is my class room and I want your assignments in :razz:
  6. Oh sorry Credders, I am standing in the Naughty corner.

  7. lol Oh come on, that's not a serious answer.

    You can't be 39 - Give your honest answer! lol
  8. 21 years, 1 month, 16 days
  9. RNR 16

    RN 18
  10. Thats because he is crackers! he is telling you how old he is! Its how old you were when you joined bob you ******* Joseph! :grin: Thats what I put 16. You see why he's got spongebob squarepants as his avatar!
  11. TA- 17yrs old
    RN- 25yrs old
  12. ROC - 16
    RNXS - er... 11 years later... oooo... er... 27-28?
    Civvyland - 30 or thereabouts...
  13. Repeat 39, got that 39 when I joined, yes thirty nine years old !!!

    Hey Sweeney, you must know me, I have always been crackers :grin:
  14. Les & Dondon, it was how old when you joined, not what age do you behave like now! :mrgreen: :wink: :lol:

    [Takes shelter...]

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