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How often do you go to the gym?


Hi guys,

Firstly just want to apologise in advance if this isn't really the most appropriate place to post this - any directions to more appropriate places would be very well received!
My name is Rose and I am currently looking for male participants (preferably currently serving but also retired or civvi) to complete a VERY quick (less than 10 minute), anonymous online questionnaire as part of my dissertation research. In order to participate please follow the link below:

I am basically looking at attitudes towards the way you look and whether or not this effects whether you go to the gym/change your diet etc. I am also looking to compare a group in which physical fitness is very important (i.e. armed forces) to a group in which it might not be so important (i.e. students).

I would really appreciate any participation or, as I said above, suggestions about where might be better to post!

Thanks so much for your time!

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