how often do you get to shoot?

Discussion in 'Joining the Royal Navy' started by daedalus345, Sep 5, 2016.

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  1. how often in training.

    How often in non-combat role?
  2. Once in training and then annually thereafter, to stay in date. That's all branches, some branches may/will shoot more often.
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  3. If you like to shoot then most ships and establishments will have a shooting team.
    If you are good enough you may even get to Bisley.
  4. At JFH it was at least once a year, however we also shot prior to Afghan deployments. I would suggest the Junglies do it quite regularly.

    Lynx fags and Pingers unless a crewie I would suggest basic training and when told :)
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  5. As a rule of thumb giving sailors guns is dangerous, someone may get hurt?
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  6. What about eating and leaving?
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  7. No offence Wrecks, but how is that funny? :confused:
  8. I was wondering that myself, I thought it was a straight answer. Maybe Seajudgeds meds haven't cut in?
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  9. Dapper, maybe because these days, unofficially, if your not in a force protection role, or boarding party, the Chops M and his team don't arrange for you to go down a range / we don't have the time to go due to work commitments, or the range is booked for someone else.
    The last 3 years of my career (attached to the Marines) I shot a rifle more times than the previous 7 put together as after leaving phase 2, I never shot a single bullet, just did a WHT every 6 months and that was it

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  10. How did the Chops (M) fiddle the books for the NAPWT?
  11. I've no idea, but no one in the loggie branch on my last ship ever went to a range to do an ACMT (a tri-service test) as it's now known.

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  12. As an ex-ME, only did weapon handling and the odd range shooting as an MEM for RF duties, once I got my hooks that was the end of my time with bang sticks.
  13. Remember going through the Suez and the ship required armed sentries, the only people trained were the RF team and the resident Crab squadron. Oh how we laughed sat in the bar :)
  14. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    I haven't held a for over a decade but my trigger discipline is so ingrained I keep my finger outside the trigger guard..... on bananas.
  15. I thought for a minute you were going to say, trigger finger out of the handle and pinky raised to save being find, a bottle of Port:)
  16. Me too!
  17. Wot wondering or meds not cut in?:rolleyes:
  18. Both!:)
  19. It is what I call my morning dilemma, wondering when will the meds kick in, then wondering if I took the meds in the first place?
  20. I couldn't hit a barn door from 20 yards but always managed to scrape through the test unfortunately :rolleyes:

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