How often do the RAF train fast jet pilots, because....

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Zoidberg, Mar 10, 2009.

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  1. I live in an RAF low-fly zone. Not too far from RAF Fylingdales. Over the last week or two I've heard a few fast-jets flying past every couple of hours between 7am and 10pm.

    I saw a couple earlier in the week playing chicken (or at least that's what it looked like). :lol:
  2. Go and ask at the Main gate, if you need to know they'll tell you. If you don't they won't.

    PS Try asking RAF questions on an RAF site, they may give a rat's. Comprende?
  3. Get a Stop-Watch. When it gets to 130 Hours, it should be a little quieter.
    That is until the next box of Nozzers show up.

    Force undertake a minimum of 62 hours Elementary Flying Training (EFT) during their first year, before being streamed for fast jet, rotary wing or multi-engine pilot training. Flying hours will then depend on which aircraft type their training has undertaken. For example, fast jet trainees normally undertake 130 hours Basic Fast Jet Training, 70 hours Advanced Flying Training and 52 hours Tactical Weapons Training following completion of EFT, over a further two-year period. All students undertake relevant ground school training prior to each flying phase.

    p.s. They do stop flying during filming of episodes of *Heartbeat* though,
    as they didn't have Tornados and Eurofighters back then.
  4. The RAF flying in an LFA! Outragious! If the RAF train someone might expect them do go and fight somewhere. Definately not on.

    No back to something more serious, my coffee and cakes :D
  5. It was just a question, NZB. I've lived here 4 years and never heard them flying so regularly. Curiosity killed the cat etc.

    And as for going to ask at the main gate, I do live far enough away as not to make it easy to get there ;)
  6. If it's regular mate it can't be the RAF, and I guarantee it will be quiet as fcuk monday mornings, fridays and weekends. :wink:
  7. lulz.

    I've heard them every day between 8am and 10 or 11pm :cry: :wink:
  8. Hang on, isn't Flyingdales an Early warning station? They won't be coming from there mate, probably F3s from Leeming mate.
  9. It is, but I didn't say they were coming from there ;)

    I thought I read that Leeming didn't fly aircraft anymore but after checking I feel like an idiot :lol:
  10. After checking google maps, it appears I live closer to Leeming than Flyingdales.
  11. :wink: :wink: looks like a mission for Mulder and Scully :oops: :oops:
  14. Yeah, I think it's growing on Scouse's underams though 8O
  15. As the missiles hurtled towards British Naval
    Bases at the start of World War III, Fylingdales
    would have given us all that "four minute warning".
    And the RN's response?
    "Five minutes to colours - ratings detailed, close up.."

    P.S. Zoidberg - live anywhere near Hackness or thereabouts?
  16. 23.7 miles by road. Probably bout 18-20 as the crow flies.
  17. I was watching 'Stephen Fry's America' the other night and he found a septic hippie type who had converted a former US Air Force Missile Silo complex into a very comfortable underground house sans Nukes of course.
    Cost to US taxpayer to build $40 million bucks cost to hippie to buy from Uncle Sam $120,000! He now works as a Consultant to others wishing to buy similar sites.
    The actual command centre had been perfectly recreated and the tunnels between there and the silos, work bays and living spaces were so wide and long they had been used by the family to teach the kids to ride bikes!
  18. MLP you got it wrong again. It should read, quiet as f**k on any day ending in a y. :D

  19. On my last squadron, the pilots had Friday afternoons for a 5 or 6 ship play around over the sea (Sorry Dog Fighting pratice). Then expected the same aircraft servicable first thing Monday morning.

    Dog Fighting, when was the last time the Crabs did that? Battle of Britain/Battle of Britain Movie?

    "Oh no" Ive slipped into anti-crab mode again!!!!!

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