How often do submarines run ashore? and possible transfer to surface fleet.


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For the runs ashore :p
San Carlos (Stanley)
San Francisco
Hawaii (Missed that one - flew home to get divorced and do Ship's Diver course. Passed both!)
San Diego

Places I have seen but not been able to get ashore:
Argentina (obvs!)


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I have applied for Weapons engineer submariner, I was wondering how often you get a port visit, I know for instance that the ballistic subs don't really do run ashores due to the job they perform, but attack sub from what I understand tend to accompany Fleets, preform some covert escort, or intel gathering thing that take them to places were surface ships would have a port visit. i just wanted to know how often it is for a sub to do the same?

and if subs aren't for me how possible it is to transfer to surface fleet?
Have you changed your mind?


If you are applying as a submariner you will be very hard pushed to transfer to skimmer… I know a few lads that were at Collingwood training as WESM and the chances of them transferring to skimmer were next to none, they were also given a shit dit and told to (purposely) fail SMQ… and they would then automatically drafted skimmer, which was not the case and some of them are now civvies

Pick yer branch, take yer chance ;-)


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Used to be you had to do 5 years in boats before you were able to request a transfer to targets.
That was when everyone, in theory at least, joined as GS. I volunteered during WEMs course and went from Collingwood to Dolphin so never joined a ship, but had the right to 'return' to GS as that's what I'd technically joined as. Now they're joining as SM so can't return to something they never were.

For the OP;

Runs ashore are great - and I've had plenty as a submariner. Of course I've never been on an SSBN though, and I'm sure for the sea time I've done I'd have seen more foreign ports if I was GS than I have. But then I'd have stayed onboard and had to turn to every day too, rather than stay in a hotel and slept off my hangover by the side of the pool. Swings & Roundabouts as they say.

But if you're looking at a career in the RN rather than using it as a way of moving your genitals from port to port, then consider the bigger picture - what would you be happier doing, GS or SM? You can, I'm sure, ask to change from SM to GS before you join, but whether that'll mean a longer wait or if they'll make you start the application again I don't know.

You can ask to transfer in-service too - and you might be allowed. But it's not a right and they might well say no, and there's nothing you can do if they do.

Consider carefully. The decision is yours to take because you have to live with the outcome, but I'd warn against making a quick decision for what could be seen as a frivolous reason.


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I've said this before - I volunteered for boats 3 times, each time the RN got in the way until after Mech's course. My reason was simple, ££££££££££.

As I said earlier, pocket the loot and stash away - go on lots of trips or buy posh cars!

Life in boats is 'different'. Put submarines into YouTube and watch the videos. As with any war canoe, it depends on the Skipper and the Jimmy. If they are good, then happy ship/boat. If they are knobs........


If you want to see the world and lightsaber as many birds as possible whilst getting turbo on pussers penny, go A-boats.

If you want to make shit loads of money and not know where you are in the world unless you’re going to America, go V-boats.

One of the benefits of bombers (for me) is that you have some sort of schedule (well, in theory:p) unlike their smaller sisters.

If you go skimmer, your experience will depend entirely on the class of ship you are drafted to.