How often do boats come into port?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Mike777, Apr 15, 2012.

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  1. A million and one questions, I know, sorry.
    A lot of people have been telling me that submarines very rarely come into port for visits, compared with surface ships.
    I was wondering how often they actually do stop?
  2. Probably when they're alongside and the engines shut down
  3. As little as half an hour, Naples to drop a Septic Admiral off, didnt get a run a shore.

    Several weeks in Gib, day running. lots of runs ashore, some times got left behind if wasnt required

    All depends on service requirements.
  4. Not as many runs ashore as skimmers but better ones (put up in hotels etc). How often? Depends what your doing and where you are but no runs ashore on bombers.

  5. Cocoa Beach? once in a blue moon. Cyprus Guard boat on off crew if you`re lucky.
  6. cj1


    I agree with the last reply, but the Gib guard boat.
  7. Almost wot he said:

    As little as half an hour, Naples to pick up two Septic 'other language speakers', didnt get a run a shore.

    Several weeks in Scottish Highlands (BUTEC), Gib, USA, Falklands (NOT the Malvinas!!) lots of runs ashore, some times got left behind if wasn't required, both when day running and 5th watch.

    All depends on service requirements.
  8. Pretty much subs suck for any fun time.... hotels?? really??..
  9. Really. Hotels. I've had lots. When on a jolly, only the duty watch remain on board. The remainder are accommodated elsewhere...which is ordinarily an hotel. Perhaps you need to do your research a bit more thoroughly before posting about something you clearly know little about Earlychop.

    In reply to the OP, skimmers get more visits than submariners, bomber queens get even less. But there is no 'average' as just depends on what the programme is.
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  10. What the f*ck would you know anyway - you're not even in the Navy!
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  11. Shush Polto! Keep schtum about the hotels AND the subbies that we also got as well.............

    Huh, imagine going to Gib, staying in The Rock, or Bristol or Cally Pally AND being given a wedge of spends - it would never happen.............
  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Only when the food runs out and we're down to boiling our steaming bats and crusty **** socks.
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  13. Just trying to rile up a few sun dodgers.... easy enough.

    Seems whenever they talk about the best part about being SM, Hotels!! always get a mention.

    Then again if my job involved being trapped up in a stinking metal tub with nothing to see and sleeping in someone else sweat, I'd want a ******* 4* to tide me over occasionally.


  14. Using your vast submarine seagoing experience there Earlychop.....................oh it was all a bite, how silly of me :blah5::tool:
  16. And those gentlemen are going to give me the old one-two? or perhaps a little rubber necking?... tell me do they get all bent out of shape when someone gives a little tickle-in-jest too?

    I just can't wait to meet them... will they be my instructors?
  17. Got to make it to Sultan first, good luck:laughing3:
  18. Usually when the bicarbonate of soda needs topped up.
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  19. Not many will get that one Finks!
  20. I do......................
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