How not to fire a rifle!!!

Reminds of the first time I fired a .22 in training. Nasty GI didn't tell us sprogs how to hold the thing (I bet he did it deliberately too, you know what GIs are like) ;)

Haven't got my earphones at work today (silence doth reign !!) - what bore is that, anyone know ?
Seriously, what's the deal with with the recoil on that rifle?!

Nice website Jonno, jealous of anyone who has a range in their basement and safari land outside. The size of the croc on the hunting page justifies the firepower I guess.
Probably a .700 Nitro Express or one of their 'Wildcat' versions. Real filling looseners!

Somewhere on that site is footage of a hang-fire with one of those cannons. The guy squeezes off the trigger, there's a pop then a whizz and a second later a God almighty explosion. The guy had started to remove his head off the stock to see what was wrong. It damn near killed him. Funny as fuck.

Edited to add- the rifle is I think chambered for '577 Tyrannosaur'.
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