How not to fire a rifle!!!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rodgersthecabinboy, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. Not very much recoil there is there.
  2. The guy who owns that facility is a legend (I think he is Royalty from Bahrain, but 2DD may know better). He builds monstrous Safari rifles for himself and friends and has his staff test fire them.

    This is the link to his website:
  3. Reminds of the first time I fired a .22 in training. Nasty GI didn't tell us sprogs how to hold the thing (I bet he did it deliberately too, you know what GIs are like) ;)

    Haven't got my earphones at work today (silence doth reign !!) - what bore is that, anyone know ?
  4. Seriously, what's the deal with with the recoil on that rifle?!

    Nice website Jonno, jealous of anyone who has a range in their basement and safari land outside. The size of the croc on the hunting page justifies the firepower I guess.
  5. Probably a .700 Nitro Express or one of their 'Wildcat' versions. Real filling looseners!

    Somewhere on that site is footage of a hang-fire with one of those cannons. The guy squeezes off the trigger, there's a pop then a whizz and a second later a God almighty explosion. The guy had started to remove his head off the stock to see what was wrong. It damn near killed him. Funny as fuck.

    Edited to add- the rifle is I think chambered for '577 Tyrannosaur'.

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