How New Labour cares for the wouded...

What did you expect?

He is an honest, brave, noble, proud, White, Christian, British soldier.

The last four words have doomed him to the worst care our Government has to offer.

Where's the organisations that were formed to looked after our wounded?

Where's the bleeding hearts that want to f*ck all Brits *********** and give everything to the terrorist, the illegal or the minority?

Why isn't the British Islamic community giving some of their wealth to the organisations that look after the British people?

It makes you want to scream, shout, anything to attract attention to this plight.

What will happen next? What does it take? What revolutionary act or simple act of defiance needs to happen for the Government to shut the f*ck up and listen?

I don't know, I wish I did.
Sadly TA, I think the "revolutionary act or simple act of defiance that would need to happen for the Government to shut the f*ck up and listen" would be the one that would see the introduction of troops on the streets of the UK to back up the Police in a form of martial law!! This of course would be dependant on us actually HAVING any spare troops left over to facilitate this.
It's a very very sad and shameful state of affairs! My best wishes go out to that guy and his mother.
The article left me with a mix of emotions. Sadness because of his situation at feeling that he has been left behind .. and for all intents he has been.

Brought a tear to my eye when I read "When a stranger in his home town of Berwick-upon-Tweed walked up to him and insisted on shaking his hand, thanking him for his service in Iraq, L/Cpl Dryden cried". I could really feel for the guy. How often does a member of the fine upstanding British public do something like that? He is carrying a lot around with him and the right people don't seem to care.

I was outraged though when I read the bit towards the end when he was threatened with losing his pension. Who do these idiots think they are? Although not absolutely certain, I am fairly sure they couldn't take it if he has been seriously wounded in action. I'll bet the chimp who threatened him with that has never seen any real combat experience.



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This goes back to 1917 but could be a precedent if any ex-service person is threatened in the way described.

The man concerned left England for the U.S. in January 1917, when he was technically absent without leave from a military hospital where he was supposed to be recovering from head wounds received in the disastrous Gallipoli putsch. So he had no military pension at all. His brother in law hired a lawyer to fight his case. “Why was he held in hospital?†“For serious head woundsâ€. “What are the consequences of serious head wounds?†“Various mental irregularities.†“How can you hold him responsible for his actions (going absent without leave) when your diagnosis is head wounds that can cause mental irresponsibility?†The lawyer won the case while the man was back in that hospital for a while, and he got whacking great arrears of back pension and his stingy wartime disability pension restored.

The logic would appear to work by extension nowadays for psychological trauma and 'bad' behaviour in ex-service people suffering from it.
All he wants now is enough occupational therapy so he can wash, dress and feed himself single-handedly and for someone to tell him when he will be discharged from the Army so he can move on.

Somebody best have a word with his guy the prats will takeaway his disability money pronto soon as he can do things that they class as norm! They are not interested about what he went through and the flashbacks they just want to save money!! like the guy I mentioned at college caught in a avalanche with the RAF complete memory wipeout with the stress and trauma.

His reading and writing skills improved so that was it take money back time!!
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