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Moaning MPs unhappy with toilets and dining rooms at House of Commons - Telegraph
Around 20% of MPs were unhappy with the dining rooms, restaurants and cafeterias in Parliament and expressed dissatisfaction with the Commons Tea Room and Smoking Room.
Oh How sad, what a pity, subsidised bars and restaurants and they are unhappy, add the fact they have at least one smoking room whereas the rest of us have to go outside and shelter from the elements as best we can. At my last place of work we had a bus shelter, but due to the legislation on smoking in enclosed spaces it had to have most of the glass removed so we were only sheltered when the wind and rain were coming from 1 direction.

Not sure what the rules are on Ships, but when they were first throwing the legislation about they were considering banning smoking throughout and only allowing smoking on the upper decks
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I think you'll find that the Smoking Room is a historical title and, notwithstanding the Royal Palace status, that the ban on smoking in public buildings has been applied.
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Thanks for the update, I know when the ban first came into force, they were allowed to smoke in certain rooms

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I've worked in the House of commons on a few occasions, ******* should shut up, they really dont know when their bread is buttered. The food is very good and in generous large amounts for sod all money and so is the beer. I expect it'll be even cheaper for an MP. Oh, licensing laws dont apply to the House of commons, neither do health and saftey laws, infact, not alot of the bullshit they dictate out to the masses count for much in there. The Smoking rule does though, that quite shagable Geordie MP had quite abit to do with bringing that in, I did enjoy standing outside having a tab puffing away into her open office window the last time I was there though... :)
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