How much will i really earn? CIS submariner


Hello there,

A little question that is bothering me recently is how much I will actually get paid?

I am going into week 3 at Raleigh but we are in the Easter break at the moment.

Everyone that I tell my branch to responds with oh so you like money then? Insinuating my branch or possibly just submariners in general earn lots more money.

Trouble is I haven't really gathered exactly how much I will be earning on completion of training.

Can anyone give me an idea or point me in the right direction?

Thanks very much


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CIS(SM) are Supplement 2 on that table that soleil has linked btw. Let me elaborate on the reason why it keeps getting mentioned to you (all rates quoted are initial rate and daily, and I’ve assumed you’re a qualified AB assigned to an actual boat and not working ashore): Recruitment and Retention Pay (Submarine) (RRP(SM)): £12.78, RRP Submarine Sea/Harbour Supplement: £15.30/£5.10. So you’ll earn at least approx £6,500 more per year than your surface fleet (skimmers in SM speak) counterparts. Oh, and that’s before your £5000 Golden Hello upon qualification.

Before anyone gets tetchy, the info is all available open source: https://assets.publishing.service.g...494/58422_Armed_Forces_Pay_Web_Accessible.pdf
(And in JSP 754, but I can’t be arsed to link as I’m about to have me tea).


Hi, im assigned to a boat and currently take home £1650 after tax as an ET1 in my 2nd year on board. Therefore you can expect similar once you are qualified submarines and receiving submarine pay plus submarine supplement.

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Ah, the heady days of Trade Pay, Submarine Pay, Separation Pay, Diving Pay, Long Service Pay and the one you got for being abroad!

Pity the pension doesn't include THAT lot!!

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