How much was I earning - 1975

Discussion in 'History' started by syale, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. I joined as a tiffy apprentice in 1975 straight from school. think I was earning the princely sum of 11 GBP a week. Can anyone confirm that for me?

  2. Yeh ang on, I just happen to have your old pay chit here.
  3. I searched the web looking for pay scales but couldn't find a thing. Plenty of AFPRB reviews but no specifics about pay :-(

    Alas I never did save my pay chits...

  4. Well, I joined in March 1977 and I can remember being given £22 per fortnight in my hand, having saluted and saying "283J Sir".
  5. In 1969 I was on £3 and 10shillings a week.
  6. Try the Naval Historical Branch. They might have a collection of old pay leaflets. Your alternative is contacting the National Archives or the Veterans Agency.

    Naval Historical Branch
    Admiralty Library,
    Naval Historical Branch (Naval Staff),
    No 24 Store (pp 20),
    Main Road,
    HM Naval Base Portsmouth,
    PO1 3LU.

    Tel: 023 92 724327 or 725300

    National Archives

    Veterans Agency
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    As a Junior in 1960 I got £4.10.00 (£4.50p) a fortnight
  8. .
    [​IMG] 67 I got £2-10 shillings a week. :thumright:
  9. ....bollox, beat me to it Janner while Iwas sorting out the pic. :thumright:
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Do I get the Panther?????????
  11. ..reluctantly yes.
  12. When I joined the G Spot in 74 the Navy genourously lent you £20.00 to buy bits of kit and dhoby powder etc and then took it out your next two fortnightly wages.

    I also have an old monthly pay statement from Cochrane,when in refit on Revenge,dated 31/1/80 and I was earning:

    £11.25 a day in pay
    £2.46 a day in Submarine pay
    £5.77 a month Kit Upkeep allowance

    Just dont know what I spent it all on !!!
  13. £9 a month!!! o_O :lol:

    Was that before or after deductions?
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    That was cash in hand, no bank bollo in those days, to be fair it was all found and not PAYD etc then. At the risk of being a real old fart you could go ashore with 50p and have a run, 5p a pint plus a bag of chips or an oggie on the way back and still have a few pennies change.
  15. Janner

    5p a pint! Ooooooo. Pity you were too young to drink! :lol:

    So your income per month was 180 pints.

    According to CAMRA the average price of a pint in 2006 was £2.45.

    That means if your pay has kept up with the CAMRA Beer Price Index (BPI) you should be receiving at least £441 a month. :thumright:

  16. november 1966, coradina canteen, malta, 10 woodbine double srd rum and bottle of coke 2/6d, the coke cost 10d. srd was good for the start of a night down the gut.
    dec 1966 my 20th birthday the lads had a whip round and bought me lil for the night she had the biggest tits in the gut. cost £1 10sh = £1.50.
    those were the days. can't buy a pornie mag for less than £3 now
  17. Can't run to pay statements, but I've got a couple of annual tax statements from that era. 1968/69 tells me that my annual income as a PO (scale A) was £1438, £403 of which was taxable, and I paid £122 tax.
    1969/70 was £1501 on which I paid £129 tax. 1972/73 (as a CPO (B)), income £2646, tax £307. 1977/78 (Civil Service) income £5500, tax £1069. The tax in 72/3 was at 38.75%, and in 77/8 at 34%.

    The good old days?

  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm still serving and don't get paid - I do this job for love... :wink:
  19. Ok just so you can all say that "'twer wors'e in my day"..
    Find all the pay rates here....

    Have fun and by the way it will show you how well the services have faired un der the different Governments, and hopefully lay to rest the often told lie about Thatchers pay increase of 1979/80.......

  20. I've got quite a few pay slips from 1974 and on for several years til I married.......then I ditched them!

    I was on 9 pounds a week, working on a chicken farm.....(no effing jokes pse) when oi left school in the west cuntry, then at G*****S went to 15 a fortnight after "deductions", in Oct '73.

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