How much should I be able to squat?


I want to know how much people were able to squat at the time they passed basic training. I never work on my legs, I've only been working on my upper body until today. I squatted 10 KGs for 50 repetitions then 40 then 30 etc. Is that sufficient or nowhere near good enough? Thanks.

I'm asking this question to be able to know if I will be able to pass the Dartmoor exercise in which I believe you carry a 40 KG backpack.


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If joining the Royal Navy, just follow the Royal Navy fitness training programme, it's specifically tailored to prepare the individual to undergo the rigours of initial training.


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Don't really need to squat as such, however, working your legs would be good to put some stamina into them and strength. This will assist with your run times, and the other fun activities involved during basic training. Also during PT sessions, the IMF stuff, squat thrusts, burpees etc. Get yourself used to feeling that lovely burning sensation :)