How much phys do you during Phase 1?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Wilt Chamberlain, Dec 3, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys.

    How much phys do you do at Raleigh during your 10 weeks phase 1 training? Do you exercise everyday e.g. daily morning runs, sprints

    Does raleigh have an equivalent to the bottomfield in lympstone?

    Do you have spare time to exercise on your own?

    Im a bit worried that there wont be enough PT sessions when i start basic training.
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  2. you only get all of the above if you are joining as a Wafu or sub specialising into the STC branch
  3. Depends how much you **** up.

    If you find that you're not doing enough phyzz among the circuit sessions, swimming, sports, assault course etc. just fall asleep during a lecture and you'll be rewarded with a little run to the fire school.

    The RN is really considerate like that.
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  4. So u do phys daily during phase 1? Are all the circuits done in the gym or do you get to do some in the field?
  5. Whats STC?
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It is interesting to note that those joining Raleigh as Divers usually find the physical aspects of routine Initial Naval Training as inadequate in isolation with regard preparation to undergo professional Branch training. Divers have to undertake additional phys in their own time to ensure they meet the entry criteria to undergo phase two (Diver) training.

    If joining as a Medical Assistant who enjoys a more demanding level of fitness and if seeking a real challenge- why not join the Royal Marines? Once you achieve trained rank, you could specialise as an RM Medical Assistant (exactly the same course and qualification).
  7. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You seem to be joining the wrong service if you want phys in a field.

    Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren
  8. quote MLP The elite STC branch are recruiting NOW. Ask your AFCO for further details:

    This DIN provides details of the Splash Target Coxswain (STC PTA) course, formerly Larne Target Coxswain and procedures through which volunteers, both regular and reserve may apply to join the Royal Navy as an STC. These details are for Direct Entry STC, details of sideways entry into the branch for current serving members can be found in 2009DIN02-067.

    The primary role of the Splash Target Coxswain is, as the Royal Navy's only specialised gunnery and targeteering branch to:

    Provide specialist coxswains to pilot Splash Targets at sea.
    Conduct direct cueing for Airborne and Artillery ordnance ashore.
    Real time and delayed reporting of information including enemy activity and Battle Damage Asessment.

    STC PTA Course:

    All skills, physical ability and attributes required to carry out the duties of an STC are taught, practiced and evaluated during the 12 week STC PTA course. As a basic requirement, you must be able to achieve a minumum MSFT score of 11.5 and a 2.4km run time in not more than 9:30. You must also succesfully pass the Combat Swimming Test and Short Range Communication acuity test.

    Students should arrive with a robust attitude and with a good understanding of British Offensive Weaponry. Upon applying for entry into the branch, your AFCO will provide a pre-joining booklet which you are advised to study.

    On completion of the STC PTA, ratings will be drafted to a Frigate or Destroyer as their first draft before becoming eligible to volunteer for land based operations with 3 Commando Brigade and the Royal Artillery.

    Those who have the aptitude can then progress to SC STC and serve with the SBS for a maximum of 3 years.


    The age limits applying are 18 - 32.
    RT score min 72
    No educational qualifications are required for this position.

    Promotion within the branch can be swift due to the high tempo of operations, average times are:

    STC (1) 4 months
    LSTC 2.5 Years
    PO STC 6 Years
    CPO STC 10 Years
    WO(1) STC 13 Years.

    Places are limited on the upcoming courses so ask your AFCO for further details NOW.
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  9. Omnom nom nom nom....:happy1:
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  10. I'm just intrigued by the bottomfield at Lympstone.

    Tom Daley has a lot to answer for this week.
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  11. Phys is every few days pretty much. Some weeks you hardly do any. Week six however you do the stretcher run, battle pt and a functional circuit all in the space of a few days.

    Most of the phys sessions you do will be IMF (Initial Military Fitness), thirteen in total I think. A mixture of running, circuits and rope climbing. Personally I loved it all! You will have time to go to the gym in the evenings and weekends should you wish. Swimming is always fun on a Saturday and Sunday, especially if the lifeguard opens the 3m diving board.

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