How much notice of AIB do you get?

How much notice do you usually get of AIB? If I got an email on Monday would my AIB be in a month? 2 weeks? Or what? I'm currently checking my emails and spam folder everyday, waiting for an email

Do the AIBs tend to run over consecutive weekdays, i.e. requiring three days of leave to be taken for those of us already in employment? If so I need to ensure I don't book a ski trip this winter.
This is one of the threads we're not allowed to swear on isn't it?
I can take the answer from that. I presumed as much but a little certainty goes a long way.

EDIT: Upon re-reading my initial post, I see that I appeared not to know whether it ran over consecutive days. My query was actually whether it incorporated any weekend days. Minus one point for leaving it open to interpretation.

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