how much money will i be getting?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ROFLMAN, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. assuming i start at raleigh early next year ill get 839 a month after tax/ni. how much goes towards food/acom
  2. Well my lad was told he would get £175 a week after food and accommodation - unfortunately we don't know if thats right or not coz very few of them actually got paid last month or this month, due to thangeover to JPA. They have now been told they will get it all up to date at the end of December (after they pass out) so my advice is go in with some in reserve!
  3. my fella started on 22nd Oct had £247 of deductions from 22nd Oct to 30th Nov (6 weeks ish) for food £147, £18 bed, £30 washing bill, £25 advance and few other bits.

    ......but he didnt get paid...........but they sorted it for us in the end, so the Navy is good! and the MOD crap!
  4. WASHING BILL!!!!!!WTF is that when its at home?Dont recruits have to dhoby their kit anymore????No wonder its going to the Dogs!
  5. Does nobody have a fancy dhobey bucket anymore?
  6. LOL, I know when I was in the army, we had a green sack that all our washing went into, it had a number on, and we used to put our name and number on this list and sign!

    Never did our own lol!
  7. I'll bet they even send their nicks(skidders included) and socks as well. lol
  8. The only dhoby bill I used to get was off the chokey , but even then it was tiny cos I used to prefer to do my own , & certainly never got one in a Shore Establishment , :? 8O
  9. It seems they have a real easy time in todays RN, compared to days gone by.
  10. ......during the war.....
  11. That's Britain in a nut-shell though mate.

    The entire system's gone soft... why do you think Alcoholics and Drug-addicts can have double benefits?

    I think the British Armed Forces is the last Bastion of the once GREAT-Britain.

    But even that sounds like it's dwindling. I heard the other day that Drill Sergeants are not allowed to shout at you anymore - Presumably a joke but I see it ending up a reality in the not-too distant future. :cry:

  12. You can bet your bottom Dollar on that mate , :roll:
  13. WTF washing bill i was there in april 05 and you had to do your own washing it was good.
  14. They do still hand wash their own stuff including overalls etc and do not have access to a washing machine. I think that once in while they can put stuff through the laundry facilities but i think think this is for bedding. Not 100% sure but think thats right.
  15. If I remember we did have laundry bills back in 1970 at that place that cannot be named, but that was only for sheets and pillow cases. :p

  16. What will drill pigs and GI's do if they can't shout at people. That's what they's here for :cry:
  17. Exactly!

    There's enough people out of work as it is without Drillies losing their job too!

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