How much longer?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Bristol_blue, Oct 3, 2011.

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  1. I applied to join the RN as a Warfare Specialist back in September 09 and passed all my tests including Medical etc by Dec 09.

    However ive had little feedback since from my AFCO all ive had is the occasional letter to check if all my records when i applied are still the same, Ive rang up a few times to see if my application has been processed anymore or any idea on how much more i have to wait but i never seem to get a proper answer.

    22+ Months on and im still pretty much clueless about a possible start time, however in this waiting period ive gotten myself a full time job to keep myself out of financial trouble but im really starting to lose hope now :tweety:.
  2. A chap called WarfareSpecialistToBe might be able to help with the time scales, however I find it difficult to believe that your afco can't give you the information you need. Do you not have a up to date waiting time in months for WS?

    Also have you been told when they are likely to kick-start your app and start the medical and fitness? Its usually a year before your loosely estimated start time.
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  3. Back in Dec 09 i was told the wait time would be around 18 Months, 3 Months ago i started to get in contact with AFCO to see how my application had progressed and i was told it had now increased to 24 Months but i should keep in contact as it could decrease or increase but since then ive just been told there not sure now but its still around 18-24 Months.

    I passed all my Medicals and Fitness tests between Sep 09 to Dec 09 but im guessing i would have to redo these tests in the future before i could progress any further?
  4. have you spoke to you CA? i passed everythink for WS aug/sep 09 am going in nov, best thing you can do is ring your CA and see if there is a hold up on your application.
  5. Im planning on doing that tomorrow afternoon as soon a i return home from work, hopefully nothing is wrong with my application im just getting fed up with all this waiting around with little contact.
  6. Simular situation mate, passed mine in Feb 2009. Although applied for MW.
  7. I know a few people have dates for MW but i don't know how long they have waited, have you spoke to your AFCO recently?

    I only ask as i am waiting for a date as a MW spec and i am just keeping an eye on those ahead of me as an idea for myself.
  8. PM me if you need any help :)

    And special thanks too Earlychop for giving me a burden! ;)

  9. Seem to have been waiting a heck of a time Howfen Lad. Is this freakin redundancies going to make it worse. When I joined, here we 'kin go, in 1959 they used to shovel us in by the trainload. I can't believe the bastards have done this. Better get in before the Trotters go down Lad and best of luck
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  10. Our waits aren't that bad. A reassuring thought for me is that people who completed there applications in mid to late 2009 have either got dates or are getting dates now. So us lot who completed our applications in early 2010 aren't far off from getting our good news too!

    To the OP, just hang in there fella and try not to think too deeply into whats going on. Check with your CA that everything is up to date and confirm that all you are waiting for now is a date. Then just dive into your job/social life and eventually you'll get to Raleigh. Fitness is also extremely important and will make or break your chances at Raleigh.

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  11. :-D

    Trotters won't go down i reckon, i'm no fan but i hope they stay up, i mean how else can i go and watch the top four teams live for a tenner and be back home in ten minutes :-D

    Remember those European nights? :slow:

  12. I'm mw and passed everything oct 2009 going in feb 26th 2012.
  13. When did you find that out builder? Do they give all the February places out at once or do people get the same date at different times?
  14. I passed my RT back in January 08, and still dont have a start date, I still want it, but it is starting to piss me off a bit whenever I phone my Afco I just get the usual I know as much as they do! Any ideas where I could poss find out more? Cheers
  15. Jan 08? Holy shit. What branch are you going for and i assume you have completed everything?
  16. Hang in there guys it WILL be worth the wait -stick with it, trust me your life will never be the same.
    Far cry from my time interview August 1972 joined HMS Ganges Jan 16 1973 aged 15!!!
  17. What have you applied to join as.
  18. Sorry was 09 not 08, first applied in nov 08 though. Goin HM which I know is specialist but still! Yeah completed everything 2 years ago! want it real bad which makes it more annoying waiting around on civvy street
  19. I thought it was an epic wait, Yes it frustrating but with the preparation we should be doing time does fly, add the partying, Humping and working i find it amazing how quickly it passes. It will come mate.

    Can i ask what you, what was originally quoted as the wait for your particular choice of HM?
  20. Was quoted 24 months that was 26 months ago lol, just keep plowing through i spose

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