Ok, I have to give 3 months notice to my employer, As I have been there a long time etc la la (wont bore with the details) any way I have finally been given a start date of the 10.02.08. on the Pleased to inform you letter.. And on the you have been invited to you pre joining brief letter. eetc

Now is this set in stone ? Or is this likely to change.

Kind Regards

The Blue fox.
PS Sorry if this has been asked before
PPS if any body from London has been offered this joining date and fancy meeting up for a chat or I prefer a beer the feel free to PM me.


War Hero
I'm rather surprised a civilian employer is entitled to demand 3 months notice to quit by an employee.

As a courtesey, it is usually polite to give your employer as much notice as possible so that they may recruit & train a worthy successor, but I think legally it's usually between one & four weeks notice, depending on how often your wages are paid. Likewise it's very similar for them in notifying you that you will be laid off. Or so the theory goes.

The obvious danger in notifying your employer too soon is that you may find yourself "laid off" sooner than you intended.

As regard your provisional offer of service:

The offer remains valid until the Ministry of Defence change their mind - in other words, they reserve the right to withdraw it. They don't change their mind very often, but it can happen.
Ninja_Stoker said:
I'm rather surprised a civilian employer is entitled to demand 3 months notice to quit by an employee.
It's pretty standard in many senior management and roles with a reasonably high monetary value. Of course the same firms will frequently just send you away with three months pay without requiring you to work the notice period. That said, mine does have a non compete agreement, there are cetain firms I'm unable to join should I leave.
I had to give 2 months notice when I was a college lecturer but I only served 1 Month as I asked kindly if I could leave earlier as I had a job to go to.
pps sorry any mistakes it's the Friday Beer.

Ok have the joys at working for a company that runs the following television licensing, Insurance, Congestion charge, Runs local goverment,pension schemes, University software etc and is a private eye favourite. (so use you imagination.. And I have been there for 8 years worked my way up from post room to policy manager , 24 staff under me and a ledger liker you would not believe , so I'm not afraid of very hard work.. (Hence my 3 months notice) So before I p*ss Directors and certain MP's I can consider I've been accepted.. As All I Want to do is service my country under the waves !!

The blue fox
I think I can take a wild guess at which company you mean. Assuming I'm accepted into the andrew I'll have to look you up fox - I'm genuinely curious as to how one company can screw so many things up.
Do you have any holiday left to take etc if so, could that not be adde onto your notice? You give 3 months notice, a little more than I would have expected but they can not really do much, seeing as you are going into a governmented job.

Silly civvy jobs, I tell ya :threaten:

If they get arsy, IF THEYDO, take a trip to your local CAB office, I am sure there is a clause in your companies proceedures xx
I had 6 months notice in my contract some years back. When the company renaged on a promotion pay pffer I submited my resignation and told them I was going in three weeks.
No problem whatsover the Personnel Manager phoned me up and asked if I meant what I'd written. When I assured him I did he said he'd put an acknowlkedgement in the post that day.
He was a buddy of mine and had just been told he was been fired.
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