How much is everyone else doing?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Bobby_Dazzler, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. Howdy all, I am new to this site but have been swading through the threads for a while now. I am currently going through the process of signing my soul over to RN (have got medical on Friday) and was just wondering how much fitness training anyone else is doing (not that it really matters but would like to now if I am slacking)?
    I am currently running 2 miles a day, press ups and sit ups every day, a bit of weight training (which I was doing anyway) and the odd swimming session now and again.
    Is 2 miles a day enough (although I extend the run by half a mile every few weeks) or should I punish myself more?
    (+ I hadnt actually run a single foot step for a couple of years prior to starting my application and I smoke so the 2 miler is a semi decent accomplishment)
  2. More than you.

    Just try and add 10% onto your longest run every week. The fitter your are, obviously the easier it will be for you.
  3. bobbydazzler,what sex are you,which branch are you going for, 8)
  4. Male 22 AET
  5. Welcome to the site, if female show us your norks, if faster

    edited to say you answered as I faster WAFU :lol:
  6. Okidoki ,thanks for the info,i arnt at all fussy Bobby_Dazzler,if you want a homo shag just pm me,you can call me shirley :wink:
  7. Ok cheers for that Dr. Zoidberg (although you did answer the question with a riddle) but at least I know to 'pound the roads' harder so to speak
  8. :lol:

    Don't forget to take rest days as well :thumright:
  9. yeh I have been, am gunna go for 3 mile from now on cos youve said that, got me paranoid.
    I could probably go alot further, its not my legs its more the breathing, a good few years of smoke abuse and some lazy days whilst I was working.
  10. Don't be paranoid, just add TEN PERCENT on every week. Anymore and you'll fcuk yourself up. Trust me, I fcuked my legs up massively when I started training for the RN.
  11. how long you been training for? What stage you at?
  12. 8 months now and I have another medical tomorrow.
  13. Running a few miles every other day, unsure of distance but about 5-6 miles at a guess... gym 3-4 mornings a week, swimming two mornings per week, thai boxing 4-5 afternoons / evenings a week (includes all the press-ups and sit-ups etc) and taekwondo twice a week in the evenings after muay thai, go to the skatepark to ride my bike once a week too on a Tuesday.. Sunday is the day off. So compared to my killer routine, you're a slacker. work harder. :wink:
  14. I find varying my running far better than just increasing it every week, that makes it too much of a chore for me (though clearly works for others). Try doing some intervals, ie. jogging sprinting jogging sprinting (its a little more complicated than that but just google Fartlek training and I am sure it will give you a far better explanation).

    Also maybe worth thinking about simply trying to run your 2 miles in a faster time on the odd occasion.

    I am sure there will be a lot of people who will disagree with what I have just said, but it's what works for you I guess.
  15. Ok ,and when do you go the pub or have sex ? :wink:
  16. nice one! Good Luck mate :thumbup:
  17. haha, crap, wasn't expecting that. never!! I've got it all wrong. :oops: :D
  18. clearly 'sexercise' should be the basis of every man's workout:)
  19. You gotta make time for yourself Andrew_1980, 8) ,it also does you good mentaly,
  20. Yup! You've inspired me, I'm off out to catch myself a skank in a short skirt.

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