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how much is accom/food?

PAYD is being phased in at Raleigh in early 2007, I think February, but it will not affect New Entrants as they will still be charged the food and accomm rates mentioned earlier by scribes.
So this pay as you dine thingy has raised one thought to me.

What happens if, by the end of the month and you are skint as you have pissed it all up against a wall and you havent got any dosh to Pay as you dine, never mind eat out.

Do they just starve for the week or so til payday???

There are safeguards in place such as entitlement to core meals.

As Letthecatoutofthebag states, we're all grown-ups in the Armed Forces. If a 18 yr old student scrote can feed themselves, then someone in the forces should have no problem...
FlagWagger said:
dunkers said:
Not if the latest Two Six is to be believed Jenny.
According to the latest episode it will be in operation in Collingwood by the end of this year and there is a rollout shedule for PAYD across the entire RN which will have the entire Service running on it by Feb 2008. So in 18 months every base will be on it.

I heard that too - if I remember correctly from reading a paper in circulation to DOs earlier this year (March time I think) explaining the background to the decision to adopt PAYD (or Save As You Starve if you prefer!). Basically its all being driven by the fear of litigation under our old friend the Human Rights Convention - the thinking being that if someone is drafted to a shore establishment and pays food charges and doesn't use the messing, that person is being disadvantaged by paying for something that wasn't taken. Ergo, since there is an outside chance of a successful challenge under Human Rights legislation, the MOD must adopt the inherently fairer scheme of charging people for what is consumed. The paper goes on to recognise that in trials PAYD had been less popular in the Wardroom and SRs Mess, however it was popular in the JRs.

<cynic & rant mode=on> In order to implement SAYS er PAYD, the management of the catering MUST be passed onto a civvy company (more board positions for ex-Admirals!); in order to sweeten the pot, they'll probably take over the bars too (is Colingrad SRs Mess still fighting to retain control rather than be handed over to Flagship?). The civvy company will immediately take steps to maximise shareholder value by cutting costs and implementing strict portion control thus leaving Jack, Tommy and the Crabs enduring meagre portions of crap food and increased bar prices.<cynic & rant mode = off>

I can see PAYD working on larger establishments, IF the civvy contractor doesn't take the p155. However, in smaller establishments its going to be a disaster. About 18 months ago, I was an inmate in the WO & SNCOs Mess at Boscombe Down - in the WO & SNCOs mess, there were 12 livers- in, 2 of us civvy; in the Juniors Mess there were about 20 or so livers-in. For reasons of economy, the Seniors and Juniors shared a servery so the caterers were cooking for 3 dozen typically. How will choice be maintained in such a small mess once PAYD is introduced (and to be fair it was pretty crap before!). On the messing front, Aramark already had the contract for the bars (Officers and SNCOs - there wasn't a service Junior Ranks bar). In the SNCOs Mess, on a good night there were 6 people in the mess and 3 of these were associate members from out side the establishment!

There is no breach of human rights involved here. This is a red herring. Don't be taken in. If that was the case the Strasbourg Court would have opposed the principle of social taxation which underpins the welfare state in most of the EU and of course the basic principle of both income and local taxes. As the Joint Committee on Human Rights have rightly pointed out, the Blair administration has been sheltering behind false human rights claims to divert attention away from administrative and political maladministration and incompitence. This is just another example.
andym said:
When i was at Raleigh in 78, we were all paid £25 a fortnight irrespective of your actual pay rate.Any underpayment was given to you when you went to your Part 2 training,i got £95!!!I have never had so much money all at once.Athough i was loaded some only got a few quid,i remember one bloke got £1 backpay which he promptly threw away.Not sure what hapens today.

As I remember it was £20 a fortnight in '78, as the Skipper thought we were too irresponsible to be given all our pay at once. He thought we'd just waste it on beer and loose women.
We got what was owed when we left to go on Easter leave (£60) and on draft for part 2 (£90)
I can see some young scrotes going hungry at the end of the month.

Compare a 18 year old student, who has access to his own fridge and microwave, eats at what time he wants, may have people who'll lend him money etc. compared to an unprepared NE scrote who hasn't got those sort of things but finds the money goes on beer and burgers far too quickly. I can see some of the younger lads cocking up their finances far too quickly.
letthecatoutofthebag said:
Can't tell if you are serious or jesting?? :lol:

Seriously, its time we stopped treating our young people like imbeciles and gave them some respect and credit. After all they have decided to to the best job in the world so they can't be that stupid...

If you treat people like they are idiots they act like idiots. You get what you deserve.

To be fare the average 16 year old just left home is quite likely not to be good at budgeting, hang it all some 60 year olds are not that good either.

There is no real point in throwing them all inat the deep end and hoping they will swim, those that fail are quite likely to be the DOs problem children later on. Yes give them the cash like adults bu supervise them and teach them how to budget. I was going to say how to spend it wisely and then remembered it was Jack we were talking about.

Back in 74 we were given a £20.00 loan on the day you joined at Ganges to get you thru til the first pay day and then you paid it back at £10.00 a week,let you with sod all but the idea was a good one .
This harks back to the mid-70's, early 80's, where the Chefs, and Caterers would just starve everyone, while they sat back and laughed in comfort on their butter mountain.

Tch - They aint going to starve you!
My first "Hands-out" in Raleigh in 74 was eleven pounds fifty-seven pence, for a fortnight. My Son Scott who has just "Passed-out" received over eleven hundred quid for the month which includes some money from the previous month. He was like a doggy with two appendages. :p

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