How much history should i research for my interview?

Hi fellas, last step for me in the recruitment process is my interview which i have had mixed reports about. some say its quite formal however im going to take the 'worst case' approach to be on the safe side.

Im just a little concerned to how much history i should be researching as there is obviously a vast amount and although i do find it interesting reading it, its alot to take in and remember.

any advise would be spot on, cheers.

Don't forget, the interview is about you. They don't care how old Nelson was when he joined the Navy. If any questions at all are asked, it will be about current operations.


War Hero
If you don't know the constant linkage between biscuits and weevils per square inch, from at least 1650 to the 1800s then you may as well be preparing to fail.
If you are joining the RN very little, if you are joining the RM's then you will need to research the history, because you may get asked it at bothe your CA's interview and Cpl's interview at PRMC

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