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Discussion in 'Charity' started by Montigny_La_Palisse, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. Dudes and dudesses,

    Knowing that some of you have donated significant sums of money to Holidays4Heroes in the past, I thought you would like to see this, as a way of showing you the guys who make these things possible, what you can do for people.

    This is from one of the widows who Hols4Heroes managed to provide for:

    I'm so so very sorry that it's taken me so long to send you this email, the day I got home from Spain I started moving out of my quarter and it's just been hectic eversince!!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say on behalf of the four of us such a big thank you for organising our holiday and letting us stay at La Torre for the week and for paying for the flights, car hire etc, it was so kind of you all! We had an absolutely great time, the villa was superb and the complex beautiful, best pool I've been in for a long time!!

    We managed to have a few day trips out and also a few evenings off resort however a lot of the time we just spent relaxing around the pool!

    Thanks so much once again.

    Best wishes,


    For every one of these cases, there are ten more. We need whatever you can spare, even if it is only a quid. If you can't afford that then please just spread the word so others can help too. People are losing their spouses, sons, brothers, dads etc on an alarmingly regular basis whilst serving their country and us. In addition, there are countless others who you may not hear about who are being injured who also need our help. It doesn't just stop there either, we help many other serving and ex serving personnel and their families in times of need in all manner of ways.

    Please, please donate if you can, and if you need any information, don't hesitate to take a look at our website or contact me directly if you like.

    If you can donate, follow my link to the site in my signature block, or:



    Sort: 40-12-09
    Acct: 41416081

    Again, thanks folks, the little you give goes a long, long way.

  2. Errr, why the fcuk is this in the Gash barge? Can someone move it into Dimaond Lil's please?
  3. BUMP.

  4. It shouldn't be in either the gash barge or Lil's, it should be in the charity forum.
  5. Agreed

    Just made the point in a new thread Jimmy!!
  6. The reason I normally put these in Diamond Lil's is simple, visibility. You get more hits in there, sad but true.

    Perhaps if I started with "Hoy fcukers, give us your twarting money" Then it would be more DL's relevant.

    Anyway............ BUMP.
  7. What about making it a permanent ' first post' option on all and any new thread ? Like an automated email response or something ?...Or one where 'H4H and a bit of info' flashes up on screen at random moments wherever you are looking ? You'd need a techie to sort the detail etc and depends on what the site could technically handle ?

    Depends on what's covered, someone has probably thought of this already but have billboards advertised the H4H need ? They have them up at railway stations for SSAFRA volunteers and I'm sure I've seen some for Combat Stress... a guy with only one leg....

    I could research potential funding sources to pay for the latter, Big Lottery, Charities Commission website etc. If the fcukers can fork out for the Olympics, they can pay for such ads, surely ?
  8. Good plan lulu

    Monty i can't financially contribute at the moment but as your aware plans are afoot for me to raise a few quid next year!!

  9. XRD mate, no issues. I know very well that you spread the good word and do what you can.

    T. Rest assured, there are many plans afoot to increase the profile of Hols4Heroes and thanks for your input. There are a number of us working on it night and day, some of whom put in 18 odd hours a day which is really quite astonishing.

    Keep the donations and support coming, and if you have any quality gizzets knocking around that you think could raise a few quid at auction (ala Jimbo, BZ mate) then give me a shout.

    Also, I will sleep with anyone who gives £50 to Hols4Heroes, yes I'm that cheap.
  10. Thingy, T42 and Sussex might take you up on that oppo!!! 8O
  11. Fella, if it means the difference between getting a bereaved widow and her grieving kids out to Spain for a week or not then they can close me down to Zula Alpha for all I care!
  12. You owe me a blow job and some deep **** mr,£150 on its way to you as i write this, :lol:
  13. Fair one mate i know how hard you guys are working to get people the break they deserve!!

    No rush whatsoever but any news on my kayak??
  14. Ass to mouth it is then oppo! You are a fcuking good egg, I don't care what everyone else says about you!

    Lubing up (with spit) as we speak.
  15. Fcuk, I knew I'd forgot something. :oops: I will ring the redcoats, I mean clubswingers right away. Wait, out.
  16. Throbber!!

    Bear in mind i will be commencing training in November so theres no great rush at this time!!

    Cheers kidder
  17. Kayak located, will pm you when I get the fcukers to hand it over to me. How you collecting it my friend? Or do I have to fcuking sort that out for you too?
  18. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Monty, just before you sailed off on your viking adventures there a appeal for a family with some money/debt problems. How did things pan out?
  19. Yeah you can sort that out aswell!!! :wink:

    PM me when your ready and we'll sort something out
  20. As far as I'm aware we have stopped the rot on that one and whilst legal wranglings are still ongoing, he still has a roof over his head which is a result. I will try to get you a more in depth update but for now be safe in the knowledge that he and his wife are in a better position than they were, thanks to you lot.

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