How mean can you get?beat these three and I'll be suprised.

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by seafarer1939, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. 1.Got a drinking mate who served 8 tours of NI as bomb disposal amongst other duties,he is now a shaking wreck nursing Newcastle Broon every day.
    Told me he had trouble getting a pension and all awards for disability rights.
    I knew a bit about this and steered him to the area that dealt with it.
    Saw him last week and he said he had been awarded £11000.00 plus around a£100 pension per week.
    Said from now on I can drink at his expense[just a remark I won't believe] anyway I asked if he was going on holiday with it and he said he was taking his wife on a cruise.I said "Well done it will do you good" he said the cruise was from Tynemouth up the River tyne to the bridge and return!two hours.
    Showed me the itinary of the "Cruise!"A hero but a mean sod

    2.Standing in line at WH Smiths to by my papers last week a chap in front of me was returning a Jewish Chronicle!the assistant asked why and he said" I bought this two days ago but a new one is out today and if I had known I would not have bought this one!
    Assistant looked at me in disbelieve but gave him a refund.Cost? about 70p but we laughed about it.

    3 Running a casino a few years ago a small time woman gambler came up to the bar and said to me that her husband had died two days ago.
    I can run casinos but sentimentality is not my thing.
    Not knowing what to say I bought her a brandy,she insisted on a double!,I asked,awkwardly,if there was anything I could do she only had to ask.
    She said "there is as a matter of fact,would you like to buy his evening suit!I noticed you are roughly the same build!poor bugger hadn't been planted yet and she after making a sale.
    I doubt if you can beat that for being mean but who knows,got some mean people out there as I can think of plenty others, if you can.
  2. My Brother in law is rather mean. He counts the slices of bread remaining in the packet as this is for his wedges. Woe betide his kids if they eat a slice of his wedge bread. He also places used tea bags in a margarine tub and reuses them to make any guests he might have a brew. needless to say I never have a wet at his abode. Going to a bring your own drinks party at his house I took a load of Stella which I handed to him at the door it was very quickly squirreled away in a locked cupboard and I was handed a can of Kestrel or some other such nonsense. By the way, unbeknown to his wife he has a fair stash in the bank as he has paid off his mortgage and neglected to inform his wife who works over 60 hrs a week cleaning to make ends meet. Now he does fit into the "tight fisted" paraphrase.

    Have a nice day

  3. ...I've done that...I was furious!! Its not the money; it's the inconvenience.

    I'm a tight git with toilet role :evil:
    A role in our house can disappear in three days.

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