How many washes a trip are too many.

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by phil1972, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. Can't work out the polls thingy so you will have to bear with me here:

    1. Traditional - 1 is too many?
    2. New age - once a week to keep me popular
    3. Metrosexual - I have to wash every day as otherwise I would forgot to moisturise.

    Other suggestions also welcome.
  2. Daily - cos I'm a human being who comes from a civilised culture
    Thrice daily - otherwise my messmates pummel me, burn my kit and throw my stinking carcas into the shower, brillo pads ready
  3. Depends on the trip, How long, and if the Afty's can run the brabys, without them going tits.

  4. Phil,

    PM me your email address and I'll send you an example of what you need to do.

  5. Hollywood shower mate,everyday just dont let the back afties catch you.
  6. Swafega works for me.
  7. At sea every 2/3 days turning water off to soap and then on to rise.
    Shore side half an hour shower every day, to make up for the bird baths, heaven help me if we get put on a meter or the Greens find out.
    Once went the last 3 weeks with out, stills buggered, straight to to station for the last train,cleared the compartment within 2 mins. Got home went straight to bed 0300ish couldn`t sleep, thourght my mam hadn`t change the sheets since the last time I was home, for the smell . then realized it was me!! :dwarf:
  8. Was rushed to hospital when on diesels in the sixties, easter general in edinburgh, when i came round they had put all my gear in the incinerator. Had to phone the boat when discharged for my civvies.
  9. Other than my hands and scrub the teeth I never ever washed at sea but then we did not have the water that Nukes have.

  10. Once a week - if I needed it or not - on O boats. Every day on Skimmers.
  11. Shower every three/four days depending on the water supply and the watch bill on Nuc's
    Diesel boat a wet rag wipe about once a week.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  13. On a modern SSN/BN I would expect that one a day is OK unless the back afties have a water crisis which is not to often. In the old days on a diesel I have seen people have their leave stopped for showering.
  14. Changed socks every day; left foot to right foot, right foot to left foot and if I throw them at the bulkhead and they stuck it was time for a new pair! :dwarf:
  15. Teeth cleaning always made me feel clean enough!
  16. Teeth cleaned every day hands washed in sea water every day You could shower everyday in sea water, but it brought you out in spots so never tried it, there was sea water soap, changed socks has mentioned previous, nicks were changed depending on how many I had and how long the trip was, steaming gear wasn't changed too often. Mind you this luxury depended on what type of boat you were on.
  17. O boats showers - once in a blue moon. But to make a steaming rig last it was worn the right way, next week back to front, 3rd week inside out, 4th week inside out and back to front.
    We had a killick stoker that would use Femfresh by the can, he would stand in front of the aft mess fan and spay his bits down, made every one feel like throwing up.
    Different story in nukes as we know - a bug was noticed
    We had an irish lad in a nuke, he came back off leave and was minging , after a day or five he was worse than a sack of [email protected] We threatened to take a cake of pussers hard and a scotch brite to him, so reluctantly he agreed to have a tubs.
    When he got his lagging off he was BRIGHT PURPLE from the neck down.
    he had been back to the emerald isle , got a skinfull with his civvy mates and then gone out to throw rocks at the pongoes in their Saracens.
    Pongoes have got on the blower and got the RUC to come in from behind with their water cannons full of indelible purple dye designed not to fade for a fortnight
    the idea was they could then chase down the rioters in the next few days or at least keep the bu#$%^rs off the street.
    Paddy was a legend!
  18. Looks like I'm 'newer age'. :afro:
    A wash every wednesday and sunday after church is quite enough. Even a shower if you can push your way through the herds of back aftie binbags wallowing in the oggin. :elephant: :naka: :elephant:
    That way you never have a beard and you shave just before it gets to the annoying itchy stage. :toothy4:

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