How many tools are there in the Royal Navy?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Newbie14, Jun 27, 2014.

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  1. Couldn't resist the title, sorry.

    Just wondered if you are issued tools as an engineer (AET or ET(ME))? Or if you're expected to have your own kit as in civvy street? I'd imagine space on board would be an issue. Or is it like college tool rooms with a little grumpy man who you have to sign your life away to for a spanner.. ?
  2. For AEs, tool control is quite a big thing; for MEs, comments regarding "tools" are just too obvious.

    (but seriously, pusser provides)
  3. FAA tool control is different is you are Navy Squadron controlled or Crab squadron controlled, the crabs way is a lot easier to use (I will now lock myself in a darkened room and ponder what I have just said).

    General service tool control is like your dad's garage, the one you want is in there somewhere?
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  4. AET - Own tools. Most definitely not.

    Easiest way to ground an aircraft? Lose a tool. Each and every tool has to be accounted for prior to an aircrafts take off. Each aircraft has its own coded tools. Specialist tools are signed for using a token system. If a token is missing - aircraft grounded.

    Tool Control in the FAA is a big issue.

    If due to negligence a tool inadvertently downs an aircraft. Not only can you be looking at an investigation by the RN but if there is a loss of life, then a CAA inquiry can follow.

    Aviation is not a game - aircraft fly - aircraft crash. Fact of life so its a serious business.
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  5. Crab tool control is different, you only take out the tools you want for the job, which means you don't have to take the whole box out. As a pinky signing out a main box was taboo, that's what grubbers were for.
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  6. hy give this nonsense form of credence? It' obvious. Too stupid to join.
  7. Sorry, can I have that in English please?

    Anyway, cheers guys. Nice to know it's serious business for AET. I hate using workshop tools at work as they go missing or end up broken..
  8. Probably quite a few tools in the RN.
  9. Here's one
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  10. Words right out of my mou...err...keyboard.
  11. WAFUs are inherently stupid by their very nature and cannot be trusted not to lose expensive tools. As such the RN goes to great lengths to limit their exposure to them, even taking such precautions as making special overalls with no pockets, because pockets are obviously a really ****ing easy place to lose stuff.

    I often lose my wallet for days on end before realising that it was actually in my pocket, touching my leg all along. I'm sure we've all been there.

    Likewise you'll see special WAFU only tool boards and boxes, where everything is drawn around in magic marker so the WAFUs know which tools go in which space when they put them away after play time.

    Of course WEs and to a lesser extent, even MEs possess enough intelligence not to lose tools or leave them inside pieces of machinery they are working on. This is evident from the fact that multi-million pound RN machinery spaces and weapons systems aren't frequently destroyed by people leaving spanners inside them.

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  12. ME's don't get issued any tools, we nick 'em from WE's, which may go some way to explaining why WE's always get contractors in to do their repairs ;)
  13. WEs don't get issued any tools, we nick 'em from MEs andWEs, which may go some way to explaining why MEs always get contractors in to do the big kettle repairs.

    I removed the spurious apostrophe's!

    When on BULWARK (the rusty one) I was presented with an empty too roll and told to 'use my initiative' - so I did and very quickly had a superb tool kit. At the 6 monthly muster or whatever of tool rolls, the buggers took away all the stuff I 'was not entitled to'!
  14. Why ships have bilges

    To stop tiffies dropping spanners in the sea
  15. ImageUploadedByNavy Net - Rum Ration1404033676.488421.jpg

    AB Bloggs was instructed to chip and paint the side of the hangar,
  16. Dont listen to idiots like him, before I joined I worked in a job where you needed all your own tools and thought the same myself.
    A few years in they promoted me, obviously the Navy wouldn't promote a moron..........
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  17. Eh?888888888888888888888888
  18. If jack had to get his own tools he would own trago mills lead spanners and pound shop screwdrivers.

    Remember KUA, didn't make jack any smarter
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  19. Some one left a hammer in the wheel well. Ice Pilots, Buffalo Airways

    [TABLE="width: 783"]
    [TD]9 November 2012, C-GTXW[/TD]
    [TD]The commanders starboard landing gear collapsed during landing roll-out at Yellow Knife. Damaging starboard engine and wing. Closer inspection revealed that a hammer was forgotten in the wheel well, which caused the landing gear not to lock. The aircraft is repaired and flying again.[/TD]

  20. See, ****ing told you WAFUs were thick as ****.

    Now find me a phot of a Seadart that's been ****ed because someone left their Swiss Army knife inside it.
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