How many sexual partners have you had....? Honestly.


Lantern Swinger
I have never made it to partnership level in any of the firms I have worked for and now I am working as a sole trader contractor - so no, have never had any partners!

Pam & 5 Sisters = 6
Do Jennies count? If so + 2 = 8
3 before marriage (8+3+11)
1 wife (11+1=12)
What? You expecting me to implicate myself?
Does changing hands count?
Usually use the right but don't feel too bad about the odd 'fling' with old lefty.

Are we talking long term, IE a couple of days(!!) or including one nighters?
Long term (including wife) 3
One nighters 6
Hmm, not such a slapper after all.
Funny incidents, well I always get a laugh when I pull me todger out, can't think why.


Lantern Swinger
Newlywed couple areon their honeymoon, about to have sex for the first time. The wife looks at her husband and says, "before we do this, I want to know how many people you've had sex with before..."
The man sighs, "you dont really want me to answer that, it'l only upset you"
"please" she insists, "its important to me".
"look" he replies, "you wont like the answer, I've never really counted but Im sure you'l get upset"

But as is her nature, the wife persists, and eventually bugs the husband enough...

"Fine" he sulks "I'l count them for you now. lets see...theres....1...2....3......4 was very good......5....6 was crap....7.......and then you....

Jenny_Dabber said:
I think a few of you are telling porkie pies, huh :dwarf:
OK, if you include my teddy bear, I've had one encounter of a sexual kind, but he was all slimy and smelly afterwards and needed a good scrub and had to be dried by being first spun dry then suspended from his ears for three days!
With regards to "partners" - where does Big Nance of
The Imperial Hotel, Helensburgh, Dumbartonshire, Scotland
come into the equation.
(a). Partner?
(b). Munter?
(c). That's wrong......very wrong.

If Nance does not qualify....the the number is 30.
If she does.....then it goes up to 410.
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