How many rating intakes to HMS Raleigh a year?

I have tried searching all over the place but I can't find the answer anywhere. Please point me in the right direction if my googling skills are not up to scratch!

I am going through the application process as an Officer and I am waiting to hear back from my medical. The longer I wait (about 3 months now), the more time I have had to reflect on what I can bring to the navy and I am thinking about starting from the bottom and working my way up. This is more appealing to me for various reasons.

Anyway, if I was to swap to rating, how often are the rating initial training intakes? I have seen various dates thrown about on this forum, February, September, November but I cannot find a definitive list. Are there only 3 intakes a year like officers?

If my medical comes back okay (I should hear back any day now as they were reviewing it on the 9th), then all I would have left is the interview and fitness test. What initial training date could I ideally be looking at?

I tried calling my AFCO but it is the weekend and thought someone on here might have the answer.

Thanks :)
If you look at the raleigh dates thread you will see a rough idea. They are more or less every week, exept for holidays.

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About 40 intakes a year, I'd guess...but, some branches may only have one or two intakes a year due to the fact we don't need many in that particular role.

Waiting times vary between roles due to supply and demand. Non technical branches tend to have more regular intakes but are often over-subscribed, so there can still be a bit of a wait to join.

Shortage branches at present are Chef, Engineering Technician(Marine Engineer) and virtually all submarine roles.
Around 60 a week come through the gates of Raleigh at the moment, with only a few weeks when there isn't a new division as has been said.

Why though do you think you have more to offer as a rating? Having started as a rating myself and worked my way through the ranks to Lt, my advice would be to join as an Officer if you can. Joining as a rating will limit your ultimate reach, if a commission is your goal why not start there? Remember too that while there are many Officers that commissioned from the ranks it's not guaranteed. There are equally many who for one reason or another haven't made it, despite their best efforts. Passing AIB as a Grad does not mean you are a shoe-in as an in service candidate by any means.
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Promotion from the lower deck to the occifer corp is precarious to say the least. If you can join as an occifer then do so.


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Roughly 1/3rd of officers are drawn from the Rating cadre, BUT why do it? Its very easy to spot those who join as a rating thinking they've got to do it in order to prove something. But it doesnt often work out that way.

A better question to ask is what is it that you want to do in the RN? Do you want to be a deep specialist and handle stuff in a very hands on way day in, day out; in which case go rating and specialise as a Senior Rate. Alternatively, do you want to be a more strategic leader and manager, in which case go Officer as early as possible to stand the best possible career opportunities over longer time.
As purple mentioned, yes I am much much more hands on than I am strategic or as a leader. I do want to specialise in a logistics role and get a deep understanding before I start leading. I know I am in the position to go in as an Officer but I think I will enjoy having less responsibilities more which will give me the opportunity to learn more and do a good job, rather than leading others.

It really has nothing to do with money as I know regardless of my role as rating or officer, I will earn quite good money while away and being single. Above all, I am absolutely terrible with words and speaking to get my point across. I am always mixing up my worms!
I just want to go in, learn the basics, see great countries and work my way up when the opportunities arise.
Then perhaps rating is the way ahead for you. But be under no illusions that an eventual move from the lower deck to the wardroom is by no means guaranteed.
That said, I'm not suggesting there is anything about being an Officer that some how makes you better. It's a different job that requires different skills. Many Officers would fall flat on their face if they were Senior Rates.
I was a Chief when I commissioned and to this day it feels wrong when I find myself giving instructions to a WO1. Not that it happens much, I'm more usually being given advice for my own good.
I fully understand it will be difficult but for some reason it is much more appealing to me. Start fresh and see where I end up.
Am I correct in thinking I can later apply for an officer role? I know this may be difficult but if there is a possibility then maybe a few years down the line I may be ready to take on a leadership role
You can request to have your papers raised (be considered for a commission) at any time. The later you leave it, the less the chance of promotion to higher rank because age will be against you. At 43 I'm considerably older than most Lt Cdrs already and I'm not even eligible for promotion until next year, and that's hardly guaranteed.

You may find you enjoy your job as a rating and don't want promotion to the Officer corps. I was bored as a Chief and with little prospect of promotion to WO wanted a fresh challenge.