How Many more c*ck-ups?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by broadside, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. More financial incompetence from agencies and bought-in services - this time affecting pensions!

    "Thousands of retired public sector workers face having their pensions reduced after a massive overpayments blunder.
    Huge numbers of ex-military personnel and NHS staff are said to be caught up in the chaos, which is thought to date back years."

    Full Story

    And before anyone jumps up and down and starts trying to make (or refute) political arguments, the article states that this may have been going on for decades so while it is unclear who actually appointed the agency involved it is pretty clear that the problems occurred and continued during both Labour and Tory administrations.

    Clearly I am eagerly waiting for a bit more clarity on this to see if I am going to be among those directly affected!!!!
  2. See thread on "overpaid pensions".

  3. Whoops - there you go then - that's at least one more cock-up - having said that - where is the thread on overpaid pensions - I seem to have skipped past that one - presumably not on Current Affairs!
  4. Ta very much 2BM & Tommo - chopped to Finance and scoped myself into the thread - gloomy prospect ahead - just in time for Crimbo - Ho! Ho! F**king Ho!
  5. If you are overpaid are you legally required to repay the money?
    Morally perhaps, but legally I'm not to sure.
    Addled mind is going back to the naughties on this one and things could have changed.
  6. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I would have thought the proper and ethical course was for HMG to sue the contractor for the overpayments, not for money to be stopped out of payments to people who had no means of knowing there had been a mistake. The contractor should bear the loss. However ethics and common decency do not seem to be a strong point with this Govt. which has cheerfully presided over the attrition of the value of pensioners' savings in all sorts of ways.
  7. You say it in a nutshell!
  8. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

  9. That doesn't appear to be what's happening. The pensions affected will be reduced to the level they should be at, not to a lower level to recover the cash.

    Maybe we're interpreting the statement that overpayments will not be recovered differently though.
  10. Mind you I understand this one is not a contractor cockup, rather the MOD and other govt departments got the basics wrong and were making the over payments even before the contractor was brought in, and since then the contractor has simply made the payments as instructed. So perhaps this is not a contractor cockup

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