How Many Days Leave Do I Have

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by mcyates, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. I just looked on JPA and it says this:

    Authorised Absense
    1 / 0 carried over

    Annual Leave
    4 / 2 carried over from last year

    Individual Leave Allowance
    5 / 2 Carried over from last year

    Thanks in advance.
  2. just concentrate on the last column - ILA. That's the total you have remaining.
  3. Oh right nice one, 7 days it is then. Bugger :)

    Thanks, so the Individual Leave allowance is the total or all the rest.

  4. 7 days?I make it 4!
  5. FFS Andy!! I can walk Riley! (sneakey lol).
  6. I think you have added the last row (5+2=7) instead of the last column (2+2=4)
  7. OK someone explain this leave stuff to an old fart, no more Easter, Summer, Christmas anymore? Days left over? can you take leave now when you want it?
  8. As a lowly Royal I was just helping Jack out wiv his sums, but I'd like to know how modern leave periods work as well, Higs. Are long and short weekends still in existence? We had so many of those per year, but I expect they merely calculate days now? I don't know.
  9. Plus the remaining Public holidays up until April 1st 08, JPA doesn't do Public holidays! Infact theres alot of things its incapable of doing!
  10. With JPA you get the normal 30 days ALA per year plus public holidays. You can take it whenever you want (approved by your line manager) or as publisehd by your establisment/ship (training establishments for example). I think Jack can carry over 14 days ALA to the next leave year, anything above that has to be approved by the CO, which unless its been operationally impossible to take he/she probably won't approve as it'll look bad on him/her not getting his troops away on leave.
  11. Line Manager? No DO`s anymore?
  12. JPA computer says no. :|
  13. Shippers, JPA speak. You have 5 days ALA left for the remainder of the year. Public Holidays will be added as and when they come up. As JPA does not recognise Public Holiday's the kind UPO staff have to input them within a month of them coming up.
  14. Leave gets carried over automatically now, regardless of amount. No more request forms. So that's good news, in amongst the two ton of shite.
  15. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    That's the big problem with JPA Line Managers see the requests not DO's. DO's are becomming less and less involved with the management of ratings due to JPA.

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