How many days a year does a submariner get to spend with their families ?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JamesRob, Feb 24, 2013.

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  1. More of a question from my old man than myself. I start my training in January for the boats and I can tell my dads very proud but a bit sad that I will be away for so Long every year. I've told him I could see him as little as 40 days a year. Just a quick question for anyone with experience in the silent service. Thanks guys
  2. OK I'll bite. Just tell him your joining the Royal Navy, if he wants you home for more than 40 days a year then slap in for a branch change to bus conductor.

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  3. If you pass, you'll be "out there" for as long as your Subopauth
    orders you to stay "out there". Count how many operational
    boats are available these days and do the maths. You'll be able
    to save loads of money and your parents will be able to let out
    your room to an exchange student - so it's a win-win situation

    My mummy and daddy actually MOVED HOUSE when I was
    "out there" once. Only found out when I opened the back door
    upon my return home after a 10 hour rail journey from Helensburgh
    and almost had my throat torn out by a large German Shepherd
    that did not belong to me.

    True that is.

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  4. You might only see your Dad 40 days each year? You're right - that is awful. I'd hate to see my Dad as often as that.
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  5. Tell your Dad to google "Royal Navy" so he has an idea of what the mob does, failing that, get him to move to Faslane and he'll see you every night when you're not "out there". I'll bet that within a couple of months of hearing your oppo's pissing up and shagging dits you won't want to go home every night.
  6. you're never alone with schitzophrenia
  7. What's that got to do with anything?
  8. Stupid bloody question,
  9. A serious answer depending on what boat you get you can have loads of time at home on boats. If you get a two crew bomber you will probably only do one patrol a year with a work up on top of that. You get to go home every weekend you are off crew and some that you are on crew.
    If you get a fleet boat then that could be very different as you could do a 6 month deployment and and work a lot of the other 6 months as well.
    In short there is no definitive answer.
  10. If the service wanted you to have a family they'd issue you with one! I'm afraid you picked the branch where you'd have the least chance of getting time with your folks but plenty of pay. Might be an idea to pay for them to come out and meet you abroad?

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