How many bootnecks actually post in this forum?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by BarryBuddon, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. No, I am Matelot/Ex Matelot

  2. Yes, I'm a Bootneck

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  3. I'm a dirty stinking Pongo

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  4. Walt

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  5. Potential Recruit

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  1. Hi, how many Bootnecks are there that post on this forum? Not many by the looks if it!
  2. I'm an Ex Pat Ex Bootneck does that count? I was tempted to cast my lot in with the Walts as I dress up as the CGRM at the weekends and parade around town recruiting for the Royal New Zealand Marines (Still trying to gain Government funding for lash training for NZRN Fleet Protection [2 Frigates, a newish multi purpose ship and some rusty old minesweepers]). So far only paintballers and WaffenSS re-enactors have shown any interest, FFS :w00t: .
    2 other ex Royals may be out and about with Noddy and Big Ears somewhere in the UK at the mo so that is why RM traffic may be slow at the present time, plus unless you're S3 or above aren't we all 'puter phobic!! :thumright:
    PS Welcome aboard BB get stuck into the Jacks ...They love it. :dwarf:
  3. Well met Royal
  4. Sorry mate ex Matelot , most of my mates ex RM though , :thumright:
  5. Are you Barry Camp or Buddon Ness??

  6. I am a former bootneck there is no such animal as an ex bootneck! :bootyshake:
  7. And of course the ginger one is visiting one of the colonys on holiday.

    edited for typing with my mouth full
  8. I was a fine, upstanding, sitting down member of the Senior Service.

    I come in here for the banter....oooo....the banter!!
  9. Yep, but i am sprog as i only lasted 14yrs. Now living on the South Island, New Zealand.
  10. PETSAR68, welcome aboard. I'm in tropical Dunedin, my Mother in Law (Vampira) used to have a holiday home in Arrowtown, opposite the Millbrook golf course. Nice location :thumright: .
  11. I'm an ex bootneck (23 years and knackered knees) , but once a Royal Marine......
  12. Im the one who drank so much free beer they had to get shut of deal, chattam and seaton but fortunatly im on civie street now so hopefully stonehouse will remain :whew:
  13. Hi Royal,
    I'm new to this posting lark (first forum i've ever joined...anywhere). Just joined, read a few posts, thought i'd try one.

    served from 81 to 90 then those nice docs at RNH played about with my knees and dropped me off at the main gate with a travel warrant to civvie street.
    The Corps must be short at the mo, because i've just been to the careers office again to rejoin ( i go every couple of years, the matelot's laughter and comments like "they don't use muskets anymore you know" cheers me up) and they are actually considering having me back.

    anyway, enough waffle. Just thought i would say hello.

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