How mad/stupid at school were you?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by seafarer1939, Dec 13, 2011.

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  1. Well our test every week or sometimes even nearly every day was to poke a pen nib in the wall socket switch it on then get a shock by earthing to the on/off switch with your thumb
    How dangerous and stupid was that?still no-one ever died and it sorted out the supposed tough lads from the class weaklings.
    They had to pass that test every week to play sports with us.
    I suppose in a round about way it actually improved our health according to some theorists of electric shock therapy,then again 240V was a bit too much!
    We'd stopped that when we reached teenage years.
    How stupid were you at school?
  2. Set fire to the wooden gates and surrounding shrubbery once. A group of us decided to nick (over the course of a couple of weeks) all the strips of magnesium we could. It came in long thin strips wound in flat metal tins. The idea was to see if we could make a big ball of light so we rolled it up into a ball about twice the size of a tennis ball with a tail of magnesium sticking out.

    At break time when we nipped off for a fag we placed the ball on top of the wooden gate post, lit the tail and waited for the ball to start glowing. The strip flared and sort of disappeared into the ball and nothing happened so we all starting walking towards it when the reaction occurred.

    The ball exploded in a blinding flash and looked like a phospherous grenade had gone off. The post, gate and surrounding shrubbery burst into flame and a passing motorist swerved off the road and crashed his car. How we never got caught still amazes me as all you could see from the main school building was the undergrowth etc all aflame and half a dozen smouldering schoolboys scattering in all directions.

    Bloody good fun though.
  3. Every week, Chemistry practical heating up 2p coins to red hot using tongs and a bunsen burner then leaning over the bench to drop them in the pockets of the unsuspecting budding chemists on the bnech in front.
  4. I had many a laughs climbing the barbed wire to get to the chippy. Looking at that fence now i see how my mate lost his fingers. :-o

    Probably the scariest thing to happen was when a bird, lit a match in front of the gas valve for the bunsen burner, i was stood, cock height in front of it, my god i lost a pube or ten.

    Hanging out the back door of the mini bus going to football matches on the motorway was pretty stupid too.

    Thinking about it, how are we still alive?!!

    At twenty two years of age, i look back and know they were great times, but i would not go back. crazier, and better times have been a little older after/during a night out.
  5. Douglas M*n*r put a frog in a centrifuge once.

    An amphibian that is, not an exchange student.
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  6. Ones made a cannon....Steel tube hammered flat at one end then mounted on a bogey
    transported via bike ,,Light one banger ram down tube then insert one ball bearing...BOOM.
    Hornblower eat your heart out.
  7. Wanking over my teacher in class. Climbing the fence to run to the chip shop. Fire hose all over the class room while teacher was in next room, comes back never got caught no one grassed. Shit in snow, roll it up and throw at someone.
  8. MMM nice,,,Not.
  9. Welcome back, Johne.

    (It don't blow like it used to in FS 2, eh?...:wink:)
  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Didn't pay attention or do as well as I could have.

    That's just dumb. :(
  11. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Lots of us were ! Always regretted not doing better. Don't ever remember taking the 11 +.
  12. Club together and go to the scrappy in Warsash and buy a wreck for £5, he would then delivery it to the Locksheath Woods where the Locksheath Center now is.

    The cars had only the drives seat in, no seat belt, most of the windows smashed, all within a couple of hours, all pile in up to a dozen kids in the car racing round the field, crashed it, rolled it when it was completely knackered some clown would torch it.

    Save up and repeat. How we are all alive God knows. The worst injury was a broken arm when we rolled it.

    When I was 9 one of the lads in my class in Sheffield shoved a metal railing in to an electric sub station behind our school.
    We lived in a flat over a Doctors surgery and he was brought there. My mum was the practice nurse and she worked on him, the smell of burnt flesh hung around for days, I dont know what happened to him, we moved South shorty after.
  13. Yes I never listened at school and left at 15. Jobs were easy to get then. Did 5 years apprentiship
    as a panel beater then got bored and joined up. Woud'nt like to be leaving school nowadays.
  14. Chemestry ... filling a "fishtail" attachment with sulphuric acid and putting it on a lit bunsen ... boiling sulphuric acid bubbled up in seconds and ate a hole in the bench!

    Metalwork ... turned a "working" cannon on the lathe ... then went out and tested it with a couple of old bangers ... resulting bang embedded a 1/4" ballbearing nearly 2" into an oak gate post from 20ft! - went on to copper pipe hammered over and tried using it as a "punt" gun down the estuary ... went bang and all the ducks flew off .... note ALL the ducks ... missed every time!

    Made our own explosive with fertiliser and sugar ... took resulting mix up to old WWII fort and put in in the redoubt ... mate went down to light it and we were very disappointed as it just went up like a flash bulb ... result was the tin tray we'd put it on was now a melted heap of slag ... and mate had temporary blindness for a day!

    Went to France on school trip and came back with a couple of boxes of large French Bangers ... tied one to an old Jetty down the harbour and lit it ... resulting bang demolished the jetty ... didn't realise that the large french bangers are equivalent of a 1/4 stick of dynamite!

    Got a sting of "crow bangers" and taped to back of greenhouse ... lit is and got on bikes and were miles away when first bang went off and took out most of the glass ... by the time the remaining 6 went off there was nothing left!

    Ahhh ... happy dayzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
  15. We didn't need to be mad/stupid. Our teachers did that bit for us.

    Our chemistry teacher was melting a load of sulphur in a ceramic crucible, (for some unknown reason), when it suddenly caught fire but he had taken precautions... sort of...

    He grabbed the CO2 extinguisher that he'd prepared earlier by removing the nozzle to get a more accurate blast into the crucible. Uh-oh.

    A one second burst of high pressure CO2 later and he'd transformed a controllable fire in a crucible into a classroom full of airborne blazing molten sulphur resulting in multiple conflagrations, burning uniforms and several girls' hair on fire.

    Oh, how we laughed.

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  16. fishface

    fishface Badgeman Book Reviewer

    I 've had a chemistry teacher try to kill us all with a cocked up experiment. Must be in the job discription. :confused:
  17. Had a good giggle in my school years:

    Had to do cookery classes (Home Economics I think) in my first 3 years of secondary school, used to thorougly enjoy tampering with the girls heat setting on their cookers and then howl with laughter as they pulled their cremated baked apples and the like out the oven.

    Put a complete mackerel under a false floor panel in our French teachers class, took her weeks to find the source of the whiff!

    Someone in a metalwork class decided to heat a D size battery with a rather large vicious flame, scarey when it went bang.

    Our RE teacher was in a wheelchair and couldn't see much over his desk, on more than one occassion someone in the class would crawl under the tables and then use a bike lock and 'secure' him to the table, funny as foxtrot when he tried to move off at the end of the lessons!

    Joined the mob after leaving school and 28 years later still enjoy a good giggle, never did me any harm!
  18. School day trips to France were Brill! Not only the bangers but flick knives and alcohol were also readily available to us 13-14 year old school kids. I remember having a banger war on the ferry back to Dover with a School from Uxbridge.
    I also remember trying to traverse part of the ferry from the outside of the railings while mid channel. One of the girls in our group probably saved my life that day by promising me a grope if I would get back on the right side.
    The strangest thing was that she kept her word. This can be confirmed by many of my class mates who later had the privilege of sniffing my finger.
  19. I should add that the banger war ended in a ban for the whole school from cross channel ferries and also resulted in the who trip being held in one of the passenger lounges and being guarded by the crew. I also believe that it resulted in at least three suspensions and one expulsion. I managed to get away Scot-free.
  20. I don't understand that. Didn't he notice?
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