How low can you stoop

I just saw Dale Winton doing a cash for gold advert. Sometimes I think my life is shit but at least I am not that desperate. I bet all his showbiz mates if he has any, will rip the piss out of him for that.
NotmeChief said:
Is this low enough?

Now this REALLY needs captions!

Give us pencil, I need to work the hard bits out! :lol:

I don't remember eating that! :lol:

Ahgood, my bum doesn't look big in these! :lol:
"I tell you what, I could eat that dessert again"
What the fcuk as Kevin wotsit got to do with the price of fish - obviously if your not pissed then your dsylexic.

The last word is not a typo, it's like that so you can understand if your the latter.
Ah right, must be me that's pissed then. That gronk Ann Diamond is also on the gold adverts, mind she is such a failure that she would take on any old crap so she didn't have to work.


Lantern Swinger
Whats interesting about the Iggy Pop adverts is that the company he's advertising won't actually insure him! They won't insure self employed people or musicians! :lol:
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