How low can she go?

With all the Navy's cutbacks and the MoD seeing it right to cut ship after ship after ship, I ask:

Just how small can the Navy go whilst still being effective?

How Small can the Navy be whilst still being able to perform the tasks the Government expect of it, and perform actions from Anti-Drugs Ops in the Carribean and Gun Boat diplomacy?

Or are we already long past the Navy's breaking point? Seeing as how the Frigate and Destroyer Numbers have halved since the mid-90's, what should we be doing now, pulling out of Naval Defence or putting the Navy back up to size?
Join the RFA service---they seem to be doing drug chasing as well as the
on station RN vessel ------------------or maybe they were the on station RN vessel!! :lol: :lol:

I see no ships --------only hardships

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