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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by thenavy, Sep 16, 2010.

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  1. Hi im new here, just wanted to ask how long would it take roughly to join the navy as an engineering technician. so if i tried to join at the end of the month when would i be leaving ?

    thanks :)
  2. If you applied end of the month you could be in by last month
  3. Hi tn!


    ET (ME) 30 MONTHS
    ET (WE) 36 MONTHS
  4. Wow thats a long wait, wasnt expecting it to be so long 8O
    Noticed on the website that you can fast track with GCSEs, so would it make much difference if you had 8 GCSEs or only a month or two ?

  5. It wouldn't make any difference whatsoever.
  6. Think you still have to start at the back of the queue shippers :)
  7. SM= submarine?
    Also is 18 months from whenever you start the joining process or from when you are selected to join and are given a start date ?

    Sorry for all the questions :oops:
  8. Its from when you sit the test. But you wont get a test at the moment they have stopped. You can only express an intrest at the moment.
  9. Any ideas when theyll be taking tests again
  10. Maybe after the SDSR next month but your guess is as good as mine really.

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