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How Long?

This is my first post so please go easy.

I have recently decided to apply to join the RN, hopefull as a warfare rating. After an internet enquiry and a brief phonecall I have been invited to a presentation at my local AFCO next week.

So, from filling in my application to HMS Raleigh, via tests, interviews and medicals, how long will it take?

I only ask as I have been offered a seasons contract to play pro-rugby in the US from May to September (they do play, believe it or not.) and need to give the club in question a positive answer in the next 48 hours.

If I could be at Raleigh by September or even earlier, I certainly wouldn't take up the offer of rugby.

I have heard horror stories of people waiting for years, is this true?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

To be honest mate, i'd go play pro rugby for a while, you can always join up after that if you are still interested.
Don't play pro rugby now you have the chance and you WILL regret it later on, believe me.


Lantern Swinger
Go play rugby, The Marine who recently died on the pitch for the Navy played semi pro with Glasgow ( Hope you are playing 10 in for the heaven 15). Live the day as it will be your last, Upmost respect Royal.
cheers guys. The more I think about it the better the idea becomes.

However, I am keen to enlist so I am going to speak to the careers officer on Tuesday.

Anybody have a rough Idea of how long it will take from Application to Raleigh?I have no medical conditions or criminal convictions.

I know its a hook, but I'm taking a bite...

I'm not that good, just better than most! Honestly dont think I could make a full-time career of it, can't pass for shite off the left hand! (luckily I'm a prop). I just enjoy it and have been lucky so far. Certainly not as good as some Fijian who's been playing since he came out of the womb. Although I once boshed the Army hooker in a charity game when I was 19.

Any advice on length from app to Raleigh would be warmly welcomed still.

Indeed, what's the deal with Navy Rugby? How do you get involved?
As a serving Leading seaman radar- Do NOT GO OM!!
Its shit!!!!! dont do it - not if u want any life when u finally leave!!


Lantern Swinger
Backs are ten a penny, front row forwards are not so if you are any good you will have a chance, How old are you colts U21 are a route and development side. However to give your rugby career in the RN the best chance the warfare branch is probably not the way to go.

If you are reasonably bright AET if not NA(AH) sorry wedge technicians this will give you more shore time and a better chance to play at Twickers
23 year Old Tighthead prop. Can play loosehead, but its not as fun. I've just been looking on the NRU website and wondered what the front row oppo would be like.

Before anyone starts with the pie eating crap, I am a fit tighthead and have a 3000m time of 13.57 at preseason. If my app goes through though, I will aim to boost that for basic.


Lantern Swinger
Right career choice the guys at the AFCO are given the job of filling the branches that we are short of. Thus if you go there without a clue and very few qualifications you are going to end up with a crap job ( but still with great people). Browse the RN site and get a feel for the jobs, ask about recruitment times at the AFCO they may fit in with your rugby contract,
Recruitment is a 2 way process, however go in blind and they will put bums on seats , that is their job.


Lantern Swinger
copen is so right i had to leave cause i was not forced but made to see that chef was amazin but it wasnt so swerved it to be an ET(WE).

took me a year and 2 months to rejoin but can take anywere from 6 months to 24 months so u could apply do all your stuff go play rugby (they might probable encourage it) then go to HMS raleigh early next year or after sept.

it would prob take till about then anyway. just speak to the afco they can sometimes postpone things for you during the application process


War Hero
what branch are you planing? that is really the deciding factor for how long it will take to join. if you are going in any of the engineering branches it may take a while as there tends to be a longer waiting list. if you want t be a warfare specialist then maybe not to long.

Deleted 7

Hello and welcome!

Firstly, the RN will always be there, aslong as you ain't mucked that one up. Go play Rugby (big fan here), then enlist to the RN, as they say 'you only live once'. Also, if you are any good, might actually give the RN a shot at winning against the Army at Twickenham!


Lantern Swinger
Go play ruby lad and enjoy it. Keep up to date with RN advertising etc, and while you are away stay close to RR and ask questions!!



Lantern Swinger
I'm not that good, just better than most! Honestly dont think I could make a full-time career of it, can't pass for shite off the left hand! (luckily I'm a prop). I just enjoy it and have been lucky so far. Certainly not as good as some Fijian who's been playing since he came out of the womb. Although I once boshed the Army hooker in a charity game when I was 19.

To be honest I cannot name a Fijian prop of any standard, that is why they are not world beaters at 15 a side.

The Army currently have Chris Budgen from Northampton Saints playing in their front row, only important games, thats your opposition.
To be honest the Army Navy game is generally a great leveller for reputations. a dull 9 6 to the Army this year( trying to remember through a drunken haze). They also went to South Africa and played the SA NZ and Aussie Navies and won the tournament they tend to tour somewhere nice every couple of years.
Thanks guys, your advice has been most encouraging. Either way, RR has been added to my favourite sites; I'm sure it will help be develop both a bit of service knowledge and teach me how to deal with matelot humour!

I will speak to the careers staff on Tuesday and hopefully they will be able to give me a little advice too. I am looking to enlist in the warfare branch, possibly as a Hydrographic, Meteorological and Oceanographic specialist. However, I only say that because I was a bit of a geography geek at school. I am still pretty open to other branches/trades.

I know of Chris Budgen, from the saints and through a family friend who was RSM of 1 RWF (before that restructuring) - a good scrummager, but is he any use around the park? I suppose with half of Fiji with him, he's not needed to cart the ball or tackle out wide!

I would love to contribute to the RNs effort in beating the Army at Twickers, infact that makes enlisting seem all the more inviting.

I hasten to add I will not be joining just to play rugby. I want a fufilling career with plenty of opportunity to succeed. The continuation of rugby would be good, but not the be all and end all of a career in the RN. But given a chance, I would play.
Go play the Rugby and enjoy, it might be your first and only chance, dont fluff it, you are young enuf to still join the RN,

You must be pretty good as the states are developing the sport !, I think you get my drift allthechat.

Good luck and enjoy



Easy one there play Rugby..... If it goes belly up then you can join the fun of the Navy!! Plenty of opportunities in the Navy. However a chance to get paid and play sport at the highest level does not come around to often.
Well from application to starting basic it was 10 months for my lad - it all depends what trade you go for - and that in turn depends what you score on the aptitude test. Each trade has a percentage for entry When we were at the AFCO they had a list of current waiting times of entry on different trades, so if you ask the question you should be given the answer. You may find that they won't give it to you until after you have taken the aptitude test though, so they have a clearer picture of what trades are open to you.
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