How long will this one last?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. In view of the drubbing they received in the recent by-elections and now Cameron’s latest howler where he stated to African leaders ‘There is no foreign and domestic we are all in it together’, a statement that can only mean that he does not put the United Kingdom first leads me to believe that in the Tories true blue tradition of back stabbing their leader he will not be in that position when the next election is called and I wonder amongst that bunch of lacklustre opposition who will be the next lamb to the slaughter?
  2. Even as a Committed Tory, I think that he lost all hope of surviving and winning when he brought up the Grammar Schools issue, the party seemed reasonably together until that. All he needed to do on Grammars was do as usual keep quiet about it, leave the Status Quo, I think he wanted to make that the massive Tory turn around (comparable to Labour's ending Nationalisation).

    Will he last long? Well he has to do alot of work to get back to his highs, and I'm not sure he can, we will have to see how long the Brown Effect lasts for Labour.
  3. Though I desperately want Labour out of power until the Conservatives can get their act together (and that includes a leader who is not a joke) I will be waiting a long time.
    If the party does not ditch him before the next election he will certainly go after.
  4. But that is the bottom line for the tories and the reason why I wont vote for them. The only thing the majority of them can agree on is the status quo even when it is sh!t.

    The country need to be profitable, best achieved by everyone working hard, and then we could afford to have decent services and a military to be proud of.

    I guess I may be naive but seems simple to me.
  5. camerons biggest fault is trying to come into the 'middle' ground, a bit like blier in reverse. I have never been overly impressed by him, i just hope they get someone who can take control soon.
  6. I just hope they don't as I would never vote for them as long as my arse points downwards.
  7. I don't care if they reserect Screaming Lord Such to lead the Conservative Party, I'll still vote for them. I'm sick to the back teeth of the whole labour Party....
  8. Unfortunately that great statesman Screaming Lord Such is no longer with us. But if he were he could not be a worse leader than call me David.
  9. He's kind of stuck with it, as that's where the majority of the electorate are.

    By and large the three main parties are squabbling over the same portion of the electorate. Single issue parties, and those on the extremes, are never going to pick up a large segment of the electorate but the main parties can't really afford to try to pick up that segment because to do so would distance them from the base who can get them elected.

    The issue Cameron has is that the party is clearly dividing into those who yearn for the sunlit uplands of the 50's when all was wonderful, Britain was Great and you could get a decent G&T before the Sunday roast and those who recognise that the world has moved on. Unfortunately they're not easily reconcilable. Blair went through his Clause Four, Cameron needs something similar to actually demonstrate control. I don't think he'll achieve that as he appears to be more style than substance.

    I don't see anyone in the current Tory front bench team who could manage that though, but until such time as the party finds it's future it'll be stuck in the doldrums.
  10. Maybe he could try a blue rinse!
  11. What we need to stop the rot in this Country is a strong Nationalist Party.
  12. " a strong Nationalist Party" .. I don't think that there are enough of us left :-(
  13. Camerons biggest fault is fcuking off to Africa when his own Constituency is flooded. For fecks sake, what a :knob: - what do his constituents thinkn/feel when they see his smug face telling the peeps in Africa how we must all pull together.....

    As it stands, there is no Political Party worth the time/money put into them. They all spout what we want to hear but deliver little if anything and when we have the chance to vote them out, we dont.

    We will NOT get a strong Nationalist Government because there are not enough nationalists to vote for them, the Anti groups would shout them down and then we have to worry about upsetting all the minority groups that the politicos like to look after first....
  14. Just not the SNP mate :pottytrain2:
  15. I sent the following letter to my MP, David Willets this morning re Call Me Dave…

    Dear Sir,

    Can anyone please explain, why, when Britain is in the grip of the worst natural disaster in living memory, David Cameron is off to Africa on a 'Hug a Hutu' photo opportunity?

    This is just one more example of why the Conservatives really have no chance of being elected next time. Cameron is all 'spin' and no substance. If he really fancies his chances at being the next Prime Minister of Britain I strongly suggest he starts putting the people of Britain first, not spinning off around the planet like a cheap copy of Tony Blair.

    Richard Littlejohn hit's the nail on the head in his article in the Daily Mail… I strongly suggest 'Call Me Dave' reads it and takes a long hard look at his performance.

    Personally, I think the Conservative party made a disasterous choice with him, they chose a Blair clone just as the Blair Project ran off the rails. David Davies would have been a man of substance and values at a time when the British public want a moral compass and and end to spin.

    Yours faithfully
  16. OK can you explain what Cameron could actually do if he stayed in the country?

  17. He's a BRITISH politician… there are 350,000 people in the midlands without clean drinking water and he's off looking at the problems of clean drinking water in Rwanda… In todays breaking news… WE DON"T OWN RWANDA, never have, we have no duties, obligations or moral duty to show any interest in the place.

    He is elected to represent the people of Britain, if he wants to go hugging Hutues he should stand for election in Hutuland.
  18. Hug a Hutu, f*ckin' brilliant.

    This week, children, is Hug a Hutu week, please go into the community, find one and hug one.
  19. That does not tell me what you think he can actually do to change anything in the flooded areas. If he was a government minister with some responsibility I could see your point but he is not, and if the Tory party dumps him now you can be very very sure their chances of winning the next election will go with him.
  20. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    its not a case of what he could have done, but more a case of being there. At a time when a large section of the British Public feel, rightly or wrongly, that more attention is being paid to illegal immigrants and other Countries by those in Parliament, this was a bad decision. Sadly one of many made by Cameron.
    He has been all spin and no substance since taking the leadership, at a time when the Tory party needed some good, strong policies, old style if you like, on Crime, Immigration, Health and Education.
    Lets start with a cut back of foreign aid until we get the UK sorted shall we?

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