how long until i get on my first sub?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by hohohoey, Jan 4, 2010.

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  1. im joining raleigh in march going to become warfare specialist tactical(submariner).i have looked up abit about it and i understand that i will stay at raleigh after basic for a further 4 months is that correct? i was wondering where i will go after that and how long it will roughly be before i am away on my first deployment.

    any info on any of the training will be much apriciated.

    thanks Mike.
  2. Sometime during Phase Two training you will be informed which class of submarine you will be sent to.
    Then, also during Phase two training you will be informed which particular submarine you will get.
    You will join this submarine upon successful completion of Phase Two training - ordinarily there is either no waiting time or perhaps just a copule of weeks or so - it varies on a case by case basis.

    Your AFCO should be able to tell you exactly how long Phase Two training is for either TSM or SSM and then add this time to the eight week submarine course, and that's how long your Phase two shoreside is.
  3. thanks for the info, also wondering if the phase 2 training starts imidiately after basic and is it more laid back or is it still pretty intense?

    i was also wondering if i stay in the navy until the age of 40 do i get the choice of staying in or is it out of my hands? i want a long career in the navy.
  4. Do your training ONE DAY AT A TIME, and if you're feeling ambitious think ONE WEEK AT A TIME. I'm a stinking pongo but I imagine my more effeminate colleagues from Butlins may agree.
  5. It depends on what branch/rank you attain and if there is a shortage/requirement for that come the time you are 40. Its a long way off and your guess is as good as any ones
  6. I thought he meant his first Sub

  7. Dammit :oops: , should have thought that one through. Damn you booties and your wit :D
  8. There are better things to eat at Raleigh.
  9. (1) Yes - usually. I can't speak for your case in particular.

    (2) You will still be in training - while certain things may not be so intense, others will be. Take your eye off the target and you will miss it.

    (3) It's out of your hands...
  10. dont forget SMQ training
  11. I didn't. I called it submarine training further back in the thread, but thank you for bringing it to every one's attention anyway.

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