how long to receive a start date

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mick82, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. Once security clearance is approved , how long did it take for your afco to give you a start date ?
  2. About 4/5 months for me but that was a couple years ago and they've cut back on the intakes recently too. What trade?
  3. MA ( submariner ) . I know ive gotta wait 18 month but its been 12 now and I have just received a letter saying clearance is approved I was just wondering when my afco will send out my start date so I can start planning ahead for when I do eventually start .
  4. I received my date 4 months before starting.
  5. Thanks so am if my waiting times right I should hopfully hear something in a couple of months time . Have you finished basic training now zoidberg ? if so what was it like ?
  6. Should've said, I don't know when I got my security clearance was granted but my waiting time was spot on with what was said on here.

    I haven't. I've only just finished week 3 so still a proper nozzer and it's been a good crack so far. Just put 100% in and the staff are happy enough.
  7. Well MA's a very long wait I know that much but seeing as your submariner you'll jump the queue a bit. They gave me about 3/4 months notice when I got my date. I don't know if that's a standard length of notice. In the meantime get yourself as much prepared for Raleigh as you possibly can. Fitness, Kit and get to know your ranks.
  8. What division you in Zoidberg?
  9. Cornwell.
  10. I will do thanks , am doing my girlfriends head in a bit cos if am not out the gym am always on here or the royal navy website but its will be worth it in the long run .
  11. Sounds really good I cant wait myself now :D
  12. Also, you could have a look at the "When do you go to HMS Raleigh?" thread and see how much notice those people are getting.

    Just a thought.
  14. You got the chick as your PO she's a good laugh. Walker 27's all the way. Who said Raleigh was good fun?
  15. Nah, that PO was one of the senior class's PO. Raleigh is good fun :lol:
  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Running around HMS Raleigh at o' fcuk a clock bollock naked in the freezing cold then getting a dunking in some bloody water tank whilst your training team stands above you p1ssing on your heads is not fun. It's fcuking cold, that's what it is. Good effort so far Zoid, stick at it mate. :p
  17. MA(SM) is catching upto MA now, so there isn't a huge difference. Same with the other SM branches. Hope you get your date soon! Mines still a whole year away. :D
  18. I got told my secruity clearance was passed within a few months dosent help at all, as ive got to wait until oct 2011 ive been waiting since oct 2009!
  19. Yeah the is only 2 months difference in waiting times between (sm) and general service . I took 12 months to go throu my whole application process as I had to lose a fair bit of weight so now am fit and ready its been a year already so fingers crossed I only have another 6 months to go :D .
  20. That just sounds like an average Friday night.

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