How long to keep a Beard?

Grown a beard and i've been told that i have to now keep a beard for 6months at the least as it is a change of appearance? can anybody clarify this for me please?


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If you've changed your ID card to reflect your altered appearance, as you should, I'd guess your DO may well advise that it should be retained for a minimum period. There's nothing in BR3 Article 3818 ( Publications/BR 3/br3book/ch38.pdf )to state there are minimum timescales, but I'd guess it's a case of applying a little common sense and not changing one's mind on a whim.

Logically if you cannot get a faceseal when wearing BA or a respirator, then you have good reason to shave off.
Grew a beard on deployment once ... got home and 'er indoors made me shave it off as I was scaring the kids! I was more scared of her than the Joss and didn't get any grief!
I have a beard and had a cause to shave it off about a month ago so that I could have my GSR tested in the special RTF tent, it grew back in about a week or so but I didn't need to get special permission to shave it off/grow it back.

AFAIK there is no minimum timescale for having a beard.
You grew a beard in a week! did you type this sat in a tyre with a banana.


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I can confirm the speed with which Jimbo's beard grows. When we last went out for a drink, he had a short growth at 1900 but by 2130, it was like sitting opposite this bloke;

When you do shave-off your SET leave a magnificent womb-brush and sideboards like Del Piero and see how long you can wander round your ship/boat/establishment before being hauled up. I once wandered round barracks for a full day sporting a WWII black cap and no fekker took the slightest, grog was in then if that's of any relevance?
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