How long till your basic training after fitness test?

I have received my forms to rebook my fitness test today after failing my first one by 4 seconds so I was just wondering what the sort of time period after completing it would be till I receive a start date. Be applied as a engineering technician (marine engeenering) if that's any help of is there's anyone at the same sort of stage! Cheers


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Your careers adviser at your AFCO is the person to talk to, all anyone else can do is take a random punt.

Assuming you are joining the surface fleet rather than as a submariner, an early entry date is feasible if there were no delays booking your medical, no medical referrals, you have fully completed your online security clearance application, passed the PJFT within a couple of weeks of the medical, have a valid passport, etc., etc. For each, any or every delay since passing the initial recruit test, it puts back the projected entry date.

Sometimes people take weeks to get their eyes tested or return the medical questionnaire, then wonder why it is taking longer to join. Likewise they take a full 28 days to take & pass the PJFT, or take several attempts before passing. Others don't complete their online SC application upon receipt, waiting times vary depending on applicants completing selection & vacancies being allocated etc., so all these things can delay entry. For that reason, your AFCO will be better placed to give an accurate projection.
Alright thank you mate I've done all of that just onto my fitness test my second go and rebooking it tomorrow for 2 weeks time so I'm hoping I'm in asap!


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I reckon a June/July entry sounds do-able for ET(ME) if the PJFT is passed this time around, but again, your AFCO are your best source of advice.

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